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Custom. Functional. Sophisticated.

Aspire Custom Closets is the premium closet organization solution you have been waiting for. With 1 1/8" thickness and two different finishes, this system has a much sturdier and more high-end fit, finish, and feel. If you're like us, you don't need all the frills and someone to hold your hand to build a custom closet. This is as close as we can get to a click-and-buy solution, complete with all the Hafele accessories you need. 

Gone are the days of having some salesperson come to your house and talk you into some 3/4" thick product. With Aspire Custom Closets, you get a 1-to-1 service online at your pace. Tell us what you want, and we'll build it out digitally, or we can work together to construct an awesome, fully custom solution. We ship it to you and let you handle the installation yourself or by a contractor of your choice. Since you don't need all that hand-holding and installation, that savings is passed on to you in the form of better designs, and a better product. You're going to love this stuff.

Soft Close Drawers
Made from 1 - 1/8" Thick MDF with Wood Veneer
Hafele Hardware

Built For You

Pick from a vast selection of storage types - sized to fit your closet perfectly.

Available Finishes


Closet Modules

The pricing shown should be used for reference only. Actual pricing will vary depending on your closet design. The pricing shown is for modules that have a backing and have interior dimensions that are 24" wide and 84" tall using 1-1/8" thick material. Custom heights are also available.

Double Hanging


Hanging + Pant Rack


Long Hanging


Long Hanging + 2 Shelves


Triple Hanging


Hanging + Shelves + Drawer


Hanging + Shelves + Shoe Shelves


Hanging + Slanted Shoe Shelves


Shelves + 2 Drawers


Shelves + 4 Drawers


Shelves + 5 Drawer (Option 1)


Shelves + 5 Drawer (Option2)


Shelves + Tilt Out Hamper


Tilt Out Hamper + 2 Drawer


Shelves + Hamper


Shelves + Jewelry




Shelves + Slanted Shoe Shelves


Slanted Shoe Shelves


Shoe Shelves


Aspire Custom Closets

Transform Your Closet

Our team will design the closet of your dreams. Place your deposit today.

What To Expect

  • Full custom design for your closets to meet your exact requirements with a 1-on-1 approach.
  • Select Hafele accessories are chosen specifically to complement your Aspire Custom Closet.
  • Email, Calls, and Video Calls throughout the process to make sure your end goals are achieved and that you receive the closets you have only dreamed about.
  • We do not offer installation services.
  • Shipping usually runs between $1500 to $3500 depending on how many closets you purchase, and where you are in the country. These ship from Miami, so if you are in Seattle, expect a bit higher shipping cost.

The Closet Design Process

  • After purchasing the Closet Design Deposit, you will receive an email with instructions for sending us all the info we need to get the design process started.
  • We will reach out to confirm we have your request and to ask any further questions we may need answers to.
  • An initial design will then be created and sent for you to review. This will consist of renders of the area, specific floorplan and wall views, as well as technical drawings. A rough price estimate will also be included so you have an idea of what your closet will cost.
  • Adjustments to the design can be made through video calls or email communication.
  • When the design is completed, an invoice will be sent for the closet, accessories, and a shipping estimate.
  • Once payments are received, production will begin. Lead times are usually 5-8 weeks.

Aspire Custom Closets Design Deposit

Aspire Custom Closets Design Deposit

Aspire Custom Closets Design Deposit

Regular price $500.00
This Design Deposit is your entrance into closet design with the Destination Obsessed Garage design team. Once purchased, we will reach out to you for more information and to start the process. The pre-tax amount will be applied towards the purchase of your closet.