MTM Original Foam Cannon

SKU: PP050002
MTM Original Foam Cannon
MTM Original Foam Cannon
MTM Original Foam Cannon
MTM Original Foam Cannon
MTM Original Foam Cannon

MTM Original Foam Cannon

SKU: PP050002
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This is MTM Hydro’s Original Foam Cannon. It has been replaced now with the better PF22, but some people still really like the simplicity of this one, plus the bottle style. This is a great entry-level option that gets included in our Basic Tier kits, packages, and solutions.

How we sell this one though is a bit different than you’ll find from the factory, however. We take out the crappy zinc ¼” Plug and replace it with an MTM SS ¼” Plug. We also toss out the M22 Male to ¼” Male NPT fitting because all it does is confuse people. If you need to attach this to your pressure washer’s OE sprayer, and you need that part, you can find it here. But, do yourself a favor and just get a better sprayer. Heck, just get yourself a full Upgrade Kit or Accessory Package that includes this foam cannon and everything else you need.

We give you a choice of orifice nozzle that gets installed in the foam cannon. For the cheapo lower flow pressure washers, you’re going to want a 1.1mm orifice. For the higher flowing machines like Kranzle, AR630, and gas pressure washers, you want to go with a 1.25. If you’re having issues with your Kranzle over-amping, you may want to swap in a 1.5mm Foam Cannon Orifice.

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MTM Original Foam Cannon
- Foam Cannon Nozzle
- Bottle
- Suction Tube
- 1.25 mm Orifice
- 1.1 mm Orifice
- MTM Stainless Steel ¼” Male QD Plug

The ¼” Male QD Plug will come installed for you.

- 1.1 mm Select this if your pressure washer has 1.5 GPM or less. The foam cannon will come with the 1.1 mm orifice installed for you.
- 1.25 mm Select this if your pressure washer has 1.6 GPM or more. The foam cannon will come with the 1.25 mm orifice installed for you.

MTM Original Foam Cannon
- Brass Foam Cannon Body
- Adjustable spray pattern
- 32oz Bottle
- ¼” QD Plug Connection
- Min Pressure: 1,100 PSI - Max Pressure: 5,000 PSI
- Min Flow: 1.4 GPM - Max Flow: 5.3 GPM
- Max Temperature: 140°F
- Made in Italy
- Warranty: 60 days, for manufacturing defects

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