KobraJet Jumper Hose

SKU: VL-29.5219
KobraJet Jumper Hose
KobraJet Jumper Hose
KobraJet Jumper Hose
KobraJet Jumper Hose

KobraJet Jumper Hose

SKU: VL-29.5219
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One of the few times you’ll witness me being straight to the point. The KobraJet Jumper Hose has a smooth jacket similar to the KobraJet Hose that’s both durable and pliable. These are essential features because we want a quality hose that can handle the stress of pressurized water passing through it and a hose that won’t kink up, making for a better car washing experience. 

It has a ⅝” outside diameter with a ⅜” inside diameter. You’ll use this hose to connect the outlet of your pressure washer* to a hose reel. Both ends are ⅜” Male NPT with one side that swivels.  *you will need to have a Stainless Steel 3/8" Female QD Coupler fitting for the Pressure washer outlet along with an M22 plug either 14MM or 15MM depending on your unit's requirements.

We’ll be selling these in two sizes, 3’ and 5’. 


KobraJet Jumper Hose

  • Hose Type: Pressure Wash & Washdown Hose
  • Hose Inner: Diameter | 0.38 in
  • Hose Outer: Diameter | 0.69 in
  • Working Pressure: 3000 psi
  • Inner Tube Material: Nitrile (Type C)
  • Hose Covering Material: Modified Nitrile
  • Hose Reinforcement Type: Braided High Tensile Steel Wire
  • Operating Temperature Range: -40 to 250 °F
  • Color: Blue
  • Minimum Bend Radius: 5.00 in
  • Hose Weight : 0.24 lbs per ft

FAQ & Support

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    1x KobraJet Jumper Hose (3' OR 5')

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