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Interior Package
Interior Package
Interior Package

Interior Package

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Anything and Everything Interior 

Our interior package has evolved over the years, and I couldn’t be more satisfied with all the awesome products myself and my team has curated. What makes this package great is that you are 1) getting every single interior cleaning product we offer in the store, and 2) these are products I’ve vetted/tested on my own cars that have kept them looking great over the years. A few new additions we added are Koch Chemie's Asc (Allround Surface Cleaner) and some of the Detail Factory Brushes. Not the tire or wheel cleaning brush kit.

As much as I hate doing interiors, having this aggregation of quality products in one package makes sense. We’re moving certain products to a one-click buying system, getting you everything you need in one package from a source that you trust. You will still be able to purchase what comes in this package a la carte; we just wanted to make it simpler for you if you needed an all-in-one type deal.

***This Package will come with Griots Interior Cleaner, not P&S Interior Cleaner.  Pictures will be updated ASAP***

x1 Griot's Garage Interior Cleaner - 35oz
x1 Griot's Garage Interior Cleaner - 1 Gallon
x1 Koch Chemie All Surface Cleaner - 500mL
x1 Koch Chemie Fu (Freshen Up) - 1L
x1 Stoner Invisible Glass - 32oz
x1 Angelwax Vision - 500mL
x1 Sonax Alcantara & Upholstery Cleaner - 250mL
x1 Angelwax Bliss
x1 Angelwax Eden
x1 Colourlock Strong - 200mL
x1 Colourlock Mild - 200mL
x1 Colourlock Protector - 150mL
x1 Colourlock Sheild - 200mL
x2 Adam's Dressing Applicator 6-pack
x1 Colourlock Foam Sponge Applicators 3-pack
x1 Sanding Pad
x3 Colourlock Brushes
x1 Stoner Invisible Glass Reach & Clean Tool
x3 Stoner Reach & Clean Replacement Bonnets
x10 Waffle Weave Glass Cleaning Towel
x10 Interior Towel 3.0
x10 Plush Waffle Weave Waterless Towel 2.0
x1 Detail Factory Synthetic Detail Brush
x1 Detail Factory Synthetic Crevice Detail Brush Pack
x1 Detail Factory Curveball Brush

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