Exhaust Cleaning Kit

SKU: DK090006
Exhaust Cleaning Kit

Exhaust Cleaning Kit

SKU: DK090006
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Call me crazy, but I want my exhaust to look just as clean and shiny as the rest of the car. It always hurts me to see a perfectly cleaned car with a dirty black exhaust. So that's why we put this kit together. Now nobody has an excuse.

Here's what the process is going to look like:

  1. Clean the bulk of the junk off with P21S and your pressure washer/garden hose
  2. Clean the exhaust with OSPHO be careful. This stuff is no joke (gloves required)
  3. wipe it down with an IPA spray like Eraser and use Metal Coat.

For maintenance washes, you'll just want to touch it up occasionally with P21S.

x1 - P21S Polishing Soap
x1 - Dr. Beasley's Metal Coat
x1 - Ospho Metal & Rust Treatment
x5 - Multi-Purpose Towel 3.0

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