Ospho Metal & Rust Treatment

Ospho Metal & Rust Treatment
Ospho Metal & Rust Treatment
Ospho Metal & Rust Treatment
Ospho Metal & Rust Treatment
Ospho Metal & Rust Treatment
Ospho Metal & Rust Treatment
Ospho Metal & Rust Treatment
Ospho Metal & Rust Treatment

Ospho Metal & Rust Treatment

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Metal and Rust Cleaner

I first learned about Ospho metal treatment from my friend Scott Ales at Dryce. Scott uses the Phosphoric acid mixture in his process of restoring a vehicle to better than new. A common area to use Ospho is on your exhaust piping, with some #0000 steel wool and some Ospho you can restore your exhaust to like new with very little work! Ospho does more than just help remove any surface rust and clean up metal, it also adds protection to the metal to help keep rust from forming in the future. Ospho achieves this by sealing out moisture and protecting the metal. Ospho causes iron oxide (rust) to chemically change to iron phosphate - an inert, hard substance that turns the metal black.

Please be careful with this product. It contains Phosphoric Acid. Use eye protection, gloves, and do not let it touch your bare skin. Review the safety warnings on the label before use.

Features & Specifications

  • Phosphoric Acid with Dichromates, Wetting Agents, and Extenders
  • Rust Treatment
  • Rust-inhibiting coating
  • Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Cleaning & Etching
  • Can Be Painted Over
  • Environmentally Safe % Non-Flammable

Manufacturer Description

A Metal Treatment - Not A Paint
Resists/Retards Rust-Provides A Sound Base For Paint

OSPHO is a balanced formula of Phosphoric Acid, Dichromates, Wetting Agents, and Extenders. Ospho is environmentally safe and non-flammable. OSPHO seals out moisture and prevents future rust from forming. OSPHO can be applied to just about any rusted or steel surface including: Vehicles, Trailers, Fences, Iron Railings, Sheet Metal, Outside Tanks, Lawn & Farm Equipment, Marin Applications, and more. OSPHO is primarily used for bare-metal applications but can be used on painted surfaces as long as the quality of the paint is not compromised. OSPHO is recommended for use under oil-based primers or paints. Test trial samples before using Epoxy or other paint systems. A paint job will last much longer after an application of OSPHO because subsequent paint coatings attach themselves so tightly that moisture and oxygen cannot attack the metal. OSPHO is water-thin and therefore covers a larger area and paint goes on easily. OSPHO is easily effective for exterior and interior work alike. OSPHO safely dissolves bleeding rust from many painted surfaces. For best results, use OSPHO at temperatures no lower than 36°. Excess dew and humidity may prolong drying time, cause a reoccurrence of the drying process resulting in a powdery buildup. Spray equipment should be flushed out with water after use. Clean brushes with water. Avoid spreading OSPHO on adjacent areas such as concrete, masonry and stonework as it will etch/bleach almost immediately.

RUSTED METALS - OSPHO is a rust-inhibiting coating - NOT A PAINT You do not have to remove tight rust. 

NEW METALS - For new ferrous metals: remove dirt, grease, or oil

CLEANING AND ETCHING METAL - OSPHO can be used to clean and etch Ferrous and Non-Ferrous metals by simply applying a thin coat. 

GALVANIZED - Where appearance is important, apply one coat of OSPHO, let stand for approximately thirty minutes or until the metal is etched. 

WARNING - FIRST-AID: OSPHO contains phosphoric acid. If liquid comes in contact with eyes or bare skin, flush with copious amounts of water. Seek medical attention if irritation persists.

KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. If taken internally give large quantities of milk or water, get medical attention. Prolonged exposure to skin may cause irritation - use rubber gloves or other forms of skin protection. Exposure to vapors may cause respiratory irritation, move the exposed person to fresh air. Seek medical attention if irritation persists.

CAUTION: paint composition & quality vary greatly. A check should be made by testing OSPHO on a small area. Dulling or peeling may occur in some finishes. The manufacturer assumes NO LIABILITY for damage to finished surfaces.

SDS Sheet

What You Get

x1 - Ospho Metal & Rust Treatment (Quart -or- Gallon)

Shipping Information

This item is shipped from our warehouse at OGHQ in Lady Lake, FL. This is a hazardous chemical & can only be shipped via Ground services & not by air! Shipping costs calculated at checkout.