Engine Bay Package

SKU: DP010002
Engine Bay Package
Engine Bay Package
Engine Bay Package
Engine Bay Package

Engine Bay Package

SKU: DP010002
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A car isn’t dialed in unless the engine bay is clean—my words. I had my guys put together this engine bay package that contains all the tools you’ll need to address what I think is the most neglected part of the car detailing process.

If you’re honest with yourself, when was the last time you did a deep clean of your engine bay? When I deep clean mine (maybe once a year), maintenance is super easy afterward. After every car wash, I only need to wipe down the area with our drying aid and a low pile microfiber towel. This process keeps everything looking factory clean, and I don’t have to spend a ton of time dialing it in. 

In this package, you’re getting:

  1. CarPro Perl: 1L
  2. Koch Chemie Green Star: 1L
  3. x2 Pressol Household Sprayers 750ml
  4. x1 All-Purpose Cleaner Label
  5. x1 Plastics Dressing Label
  6. x3 Multi-Purpose Towels

The above products will get the job done and done exceptionally well. I’ve filmed several videos of me cleaning engine bays over the years, and the process is really simple. 

Don’t freak out when you see me pressure washing this area and when you do yours. You’re not going to destroy your car. Manufacturers have done a great job sealing the essential parts of the engine bay area (specifically on modern vehicles). As long as you’re not dousing these parts down with water but instead moving your sprayer/wand back and forth, you’ll be fine. Take a look at how I detailed my previous Gen 1 Ford Raptor’s engine bay

This is a great package to have in your garage and one that will truly transform the look of your engine bay.

CarPro Perl: 4L & 1L
Koch Chemie Green Star: 5L & 1L
x2 Pressol Household Sprayers 750ml
x1 All-Purpose Cleaner Label
x1 Plastics Dressing Label

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