Dual Kranzle K1322TS Custom Install Solution

SKU: PS020094
Dual Kranzle K1322TS Custom Install Solution
Dual Kranzle K1322TS Custom Install Solution
Dual Kranzle K1322TS Custom Install Solution
Dual Kranzle K1322TS Custom Install Solution
Dual Kranzle K1322TS Custom Install Solution

Dual Kranzle K1322TS Custom Install Solution

SKU: PS020094
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I can’t take credit for this idea, but it was an ingenious one from Mike F; getting 4 GPM (gallons per minute) at 900 PSI from this tandem Kranzle setup is absolute perfection. 

This Dual Kranzle K1322TS Custom Install Solution is a setup I didn’t know I wanted until we discussed it in depth and it began to manifest. If you want ultimate flow, you can buy the big boy Kranzle KWS700 in one unit, but we wanted to see if a dual setup would work with the K1322 - you will have more flow and have auto shut-off, all for less money. The auto shut-off alone makes this solution the better of the two, and from my time using it, it works flawlessly. You can see me using this solution on a wash and talk I did on my Porsche 997 GT3 RS - it’s so good. 

One thing to note here is the CR Spotless (included in this solution) can’t handle 4 GPM, so when you want to use DI water for rinsing, you’d need to turn off one of the K1322 pressure washers. You can still use the dual setup to wash your car and wheels. We have our own DI system in the works that will allow you to run 4 GPM with no problem - that thing is going to be sweet. 

I know this is a bit absurd for many, but for those who want maximum performance with the best pressure washer on the planet, it’s something I know you will enjoy. If you own a detail shop, this will be advantageous. There’s some redundancy here, but let’s say one of your machines goes down; you have another one you can switch over to and not slow down productivity. I think that alone is well worth the investment, and you’re working with durable and long-lasting equipment.

What we concluded would work best to get optimal output was using a 7.5 nozzle with this setup. That puts us right at 4 GPM and 900 PSI, which to my standards, is perfect for car washing. 

This is the complete solution. It includes everything you need to assemble it, from the wall to the sprayer tip. There are some apparent differences between this one and our singular Kranzle Custom Install Solution:

  1. The outlet of the Prevost pipe setup has a female thread instead of a male thread. It's a different fitting
  2. The nozzles are a different size, with 7.5 orifices instead of 4.0

Both solutions work great for any home/shop car detailing setup. However, this one is the idea system that will become an OG flagship for car detailing enthusiasts who can swing it. I highly suggest you watch the video above in its entirety to understand the idea behind this and pertinent information I may have missed in this description.

Downloadable Checklist - Make sure to keep track of everything you order with this checklist. It's best to inventory everything as it comes in so you know what you have and what you're missing.

What You Get

Product Qty
CR Spotless DIW-20 High Output Wall Mounted System 1
Prevost Piping Kit for CR Spotless Wall Mounted System 1
Stainless Steel 3/4" NPT Male Tee 1
Stainless Steel 3/4" NPT Street Elbow 1
316 Stainless Steel Hose with 3/4 NPT Male x 3/4 NPT Female Fittings (18") 1
316 Stainless Steel Hose with 3/4 NPT Male x 3/4 NPT Female Fittings (36") 1
T-304 Stainless Steel 3/4" NPT Elbow 2
Stainless Steel 3/4" Male NPT to 3/4" Male GHT 2
Stainless Steel Garden Hose 3/4” Female QD Coupler 2
Stainless Steel Garden Hose 3/4” Male QD Plug 2
Kranzle K1322TS Pressure Washer 2
Mosmatic T304 SS M22 Female (14mm) to 3/8" QD Plug 2
Mosmatic T304 SS 3/8" Female QD Coupler 3
Stainless Steel 3/8" NPT 90° Elbow 3
3/8" High-Pressure Jumper Hose v1.0 (2' Hose) 2
3/8" High-Pressure Jumper Hose v1.0 (3' Hose) 1
Stainless Steel 2-Way High Pressure Valve 3/8" FNPT 2
Dual Kranzle Vibration Clamps (Individual) 4
Stainless Steel 3/8" NPT Male to Male Elbow 2
Stainless Steel 3/8" NPT Female Tee 1
Coxreels Hand Crank Hose Reel 1
3/8" High-Pressure Hose v1.0 (100') 1
OG Spec Mosmatic High Pressure Sprayer w/ Quick Disconnects 1
OG Spec Mosmatic Stainless Steel Bent Wand (20") 1
Mosmatic Nozzle Assembly (40 / 7.5) 1
Mosmatic Nozzle Assembly (25 / 7.5) 1
Griot's Garage The Boss Foam Cannon (Mosmatic Plug / 1.25mm Orifice) 1
18" x 8" Stainless Steel Pressure Washer Shelf (Shelf w/ Hardware) 2
Mosmatic Wall Mounted Wand Holder 1
1/4” Coupler O-Ring 1
3/8” Coupler O-Ring 1
Obsessed Garage Hose Storage Plug 1

Product Highlights

Two Kranzle K1322TS Pressure Washers

4 GPM at 1000 PSI

20-amp dedicated electrical circuits for each pressure washer

OG Spec Mosmatic Swiveling Sprayer and Wand with Mosmatic Nozzle Assemblies (7.5 Orifice, 40 and 25 Degree)

CR Spotless for DI Rinsing (Only operational with 1 Kranzle running)

Coxreels Hand Crank Hose Reel

OG Spec 3/8" High Pressure Hose with Mosmatic T304 fittings

Griot's Garage Foam Cannon

Support and FAQ

Installation Tips
“Custom” is the keyword. It really depends on your needs, the utilities that you’re working with, and how you’re going to have your end solution setup. You really want to get with a plumber if you need to because everything is going to be completely custom for your specific setup in regards to cut lengths and where everything is going to go. This package gets you about 90% of the way there, but that other 10% takes a bit of work to figure out. To give you a head start here are some dimensions for what we have on our wall here: 

  • Our water outlet is 22.5" off the ground and 13.5” to the left of the center line. I would recommend this as the absolute minimum distance from the center line. 
  • The CR Spotless is mounted with the top of the bracket at 43”. 
  • The top of the hose reel mounting bracket is at 61”. 
  • The top of the back of the metal shelf is at 68.5”.
  • The power outlet should be about the same height as the shelf but to the right. Ours is lower than that because we didn’t move it. Its not ideal. 
  • Total width is roughly 30”. 

We have some awesome videos on the YouTube channel that you'll want to watch if you haven’t seen them yet. A friend of ours in Colorado that has been building an awesome Morton Building garage to full OG Spec. Here’s the first video from when we were touring Nick’s Colorado Morton Building garage back in January 2019. Head to 17:50 for him talking about the Kranzle wall mount solution. You really want to do as much mocking up as you can. 

Here’s the second video from when the next group was there March 2019. They start talking about all the pressure washer install at about 13:44. 
This is a full, detailed install series of two regular obsessed dudes with limited tools and mechanical ability doing a custom install.

Mosmatic Wall Mounted Wand Holder: Take note this holder mounts to the wall at a slight angle. The lower part of the holder is angled closer to the wall than the top.

User Manuals
Kranzle K1322TS Operating manual with spare parts list

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