Stainless Steel Shelving


This was such a tough product to find.  I took a flyer on this company when I built my wash bay in early 2016.  These are custom-made to our spec.  Keep in mind that these are insanely high quality stainless steel, hence the cost.  These will last longer than you.


  • Each Shelf includes 2 Brackets
  • Solid Design with Backsplash
  • 18 Gauge T-304 Stainless
  • You'll want to get some quality #8 - 2" Screws and Possibly Drywall Anchors

I've listed the most common sizes, but I can have them made in pretty much anything you want including slightly less expensive T430 or marine grade T316L stainless steel.  Floating designs are also available(about 2 times the cost). Email if you need something different.

The size I have in my garage is 8" deep x 32" wide.  I was able to mount the brackets directly to a stud to ensure they never move.  8" is the perfect depth for gallons from Adam's, Griot's, Chemical Guys, etc.  If you are a big CarPro fan, you may want to go with a 10" depth.  CarPro gallons fit on the 8", but there is about a 1/2" overhang.

Shipping on these is complicated, so we will handle these just like Saber cabinets.  Budget 25% of your shelving for shipping.  e.g. $500 in shelving will cost about $125.   

  1. Place your order.
  2. We will get a shipping quote.
  3. We will contact right away to clear it with you.
  4. Once approved we'll send you a shipping invoice. 
  5. Pay it and we'll get them moving.

My guess is 8" x 32" will become commonly ordered, and Stainless Supply will begin holding more stock.  But, generally these are built-to-order, so expect several weeks after ordering.