Pressol Caps (5 Pack)

Pressol Caps
Blue Pressol Cap
Pressol Caps (5 Pack)
Pressol Caps (5 Pack)
Green Pressol Cap
Black Pressol Cap
White Pressol Cap
Pressol Caps (5 Pack)

Pressol Caps (5 Pack)

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If you want to store your pressol bottles away safely without having your household or industrial sprayer head affixed to it, these caps will definitely come in handy. You may also want to share a sprayer with another bottle. Rather than keeping that bottle unsealed and exposing your liquids to any kind of debris, you’d screw one of these caps on. They also look pretty good and will maintain that uniform look we all love.

These will come five in a pack with your choice of one of the following colors: blue, green, black, and white. 


Pressol Cap

- Fits any Pressol bottle

x5 Pressol Caps

Your choice of color (blue, white, black, green)

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