E2: Meguiar's Hyper Dressing


I discovered Hyper Dressing when I owned my 2007 AP2 S2000 back in 2010 after reading about it in the S2KI Forum. I was looking for a product to use in my engine bay so I bought a gallon and in 9 years I've only used a quarter of that gallon which I ended up throwing out. If you're using this on your tires and trim then a gallon would work for you. What's nice about Hyper Dressing is you spray it on your engine bay after cleaning and walk away, it's best to let it sit and dry overnight and in the morning clean up any little shiny parts that might be leftover.

I wouldn't recommend trying to spray Hyper Dressing undiluted. Since I only use it in my engine bay I don't need more than 32 ounces which I'll be offering two ways, the first will be a 32 ounce undiluted and the second will be the OG spec pre-diluted (4:1) ready to use. You can also get an empty spray bottle to help create your own dilution. 

This will be part of my engine cleaning package and is the final step after washing and cleaning your engine bay with D101 All Purpose Cleaner. One of my favorite parts is that you can spray this product and walk away.