Levrack Storage Drawers

Levrack Storage Drawers
Levrack Storage Drawers

Levrack Storage Drawers

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The Levrack Storage Drawers allow you to organize your Levrack Storage Solution further. This is one of the many accessories that Levrack makes. The drawers have a locking handle that ensures they stay in place when sliding the mobile shelving units around. To open the drawer, you'd simply pull on the handle, which will open - super cool. 

The drawers themselves can accept dividers inside them if you want to organize and separate small parts, or you can leave them open for larger tools or parts. 

I have a few of these in my system at OGHQ, and they have been super useful for me, and I suggest you get a few as well.


***Please note that this product includes only the accessory stated in the title and does not include the Levrack Storage Solution itself.***

x1 Drawer Kit for Levrack

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