Levrack Bucket Shelf

SKU: LV-30" X 15" Bucket Shelf
Levrack Bucket Shelf

Levrack Bucket Shelf

SKU: LV-30" X 15" Bucket Shelf
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The bucket shelf is an accessory for the Levrack Storage Solution. These shelves are super useful for storing small parts and hardware. Eventually, I want to have a full assortment of spare hardware on hand so that if I need a bolt, I don't need to go anywhere for it. The bucket shelf is where I plan on storing all of the hardware. You can fit multiple bucket shelves in one mobile shelf unit. If you have a bunch of small parts you need to store, I recommend getting a few of these. 

Fitment & Purchasing

When purchasing accessories, you need to know the width & depth of your hanging cabinets. Hanging cabinets come in three widths: 30", 36", and 48". You pick that number when you buy the levrack, so you should already know that.

Regarding the cabinet depth or distance into the cabinet, there are two options,15" & 18". The overall width of the levrack predetermines that. Again, you selected this when you bought the levrack. They only come in four widths: 7', 8', 10', and 12'. Below, you'll find the configuration for each, which will tell you what depth to get.

7' Levracks - 4x15" deep hanging cabinets

8' Levrack - 2x15" & 2x18" deep hanging cabinets

10' Levracks - 5x18" deep hanging cabinets

12' Levracks - 6x18" deep hanging cabinets

Levrack Cancelation / Return Policy

There are no returns on Levracks

If a customer wishes to modify an order, they must notify Levrack within 10 business days of the scheduled shipment date. For customers who do not have payment terms established with Levrack, if the order is not paid within 10 business days of the scheduled ship date, Levrack reserves the right to cancel the order.

Levrack reserves the right to decline any customer-requested changes to shipment or pickup dates within 10 business days. Additionally, Levrack may charge a 2.5% holding fee per day for any shipment or pickup date change request made within the specified time windows.

The customer must report any damaged or missing products within 60 days of receipt. Within this timeframe, the customer may choose to have Levrack replace the damaged product at no cost or keep the component and receive a partial refund or credit (up to 30%) of the retail list price. After 60 days, if the customer wishes to replace the damaged product, Levrack has the right to charge the customer for shipping the returned item and the new product.


***Please note that this product includes only the accessory stated in the title and does not include the Levrack Storage Solution itself.***

x1 Bucket Shelf for Levrack

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