Compressed Air Hose Reel Package

Compressed Air Hose Reel Package
Compressed Air Hose Reel Package
Compressed Air Hose Reel Package
Compressed Air Hose Reel Package
Compressed Air Hose Reel Package
Compressed Air Hose Reel Package
Compressed Air Hose Reel Package
Compressed Air Hose Reel Package
Compressed Air Hose Reel Package
Compressed Air Hose Reel Package
Compressed Air Hose Reel Package
Compressed Air Hose Reel Package
Compressed Air Hose Reel Package

Compressed Air Hose Reel Package

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For quite some time, I've had this dream of having a really stout air compressor with air hose reels mounted on all four corners of the car. The problem that I had was I needed to find a suitable reel. At the 2017 SEMA show, I was on a mission to find it. I was literally speed-walking the sister show to SEMA called AAPEX and came across Coxreels’ EZ Coil version and knew this was the one I wanted. 

We received numerous inquiries from our customers requesting a more straightforward way to put this air hose reel package together. Many people have had to either piece it together themselves or reach out to our support team for assistance. So, I saw this as an opportunity to create a package along with our compressed air hose reel kit to make purchasing all this awesome stuff simpler.

What you will find in this package that’s different from the kit is that we include the air tools in addition to the reel, hoses, and fittings. The air tools you’ll get are:

I only know one way to do things, and that’s going 100. I remember buying a half dozen air hose reels to test, including the EZ Coil version. After my initial use, I eventually figured out that I'd like the speed and feel of the coiling up of the hose to be a bit more robust. I worked with Coxreels to create a custom reel with a different spring than the standard model (EZ P-LP-350). The model included here is a much different version you won't find online or at other dealers. 

In typical OG fashion, I wanted to give a brief overview of the tools you’re getting in this package:


Up until now, I have sold the Green Prevost Stoflex hose. It has served us well for many years, but now that we have the ability to make our own hoses to our spec, it is time to make the switch. Like the Stoflex hose, the OG Air Hose is custom-made with a 3/8" inlet and 1/4" outlet to allow them to mate with the hose reel and accept standard-sized 1/4" couplers. The OG Air Hose is a 3/8" ID hose from Continental. We have them made with brass terminations and bend restrictors. 

My favorite things about the new hose are 1) it is blue, so it matches everything better, and 2) the OG Air Hose is much more flexible and lighter-weight than the Stoflex hose.


Then we have the coupler. There is no other way to put this; the Prevost Swiveling Coupler I include in this package is simply the finest in the world. It's pricey, but I think it's worth every penny. The coupler has a 1/4" NPT threaded inlet with a Euro High-Flow standard outlet sizing.


An air hose reel and hose are useless unless you have air tools to go along with it. The air tools in this package are what I think you want. The Tornador is a must for blowing out interiors. It makes getting sand, dirt, and hair out of carpets so much easier. It also makes blowing polishing pads out much simpler. The Prevost Force 3 nozzle is perfect for blowing out tight spaces. I like using this for the crevices of seats; because it is so small, my hands protect the surface of the seat from the tip of the nozzle. The Prevost OSHA blow gun is excellent because it is plastic, great for when you are worried about scratching things. The 13" blow gun is great for reaching hard-to-reach areas, like an engine bay or between and under seats. Lastly, we include the PCL Accura 1 tire inflator. This tool is the best inflator out there. 

Each tool will come with the necessary euro high-flow style plug to connect to the coupler on the end of the OG Air Hose. 

Having packages like this makes it easier for you to buy and for us to pack and ship. It’s a win-win. 

    Dimensions (for Air Hose Reel):

    • Overall Dimensions: W - 6.75" | L - 17.13" | H - 18.63"
    • Base Size: X - 6" | Y - 6"
    • Mounting Pattern:  M - 4" | N - 5"
    • Weight is about 43 lbs

    These are sent unassembled. You will want to tape and torque the hose connections. 

    -50' Custom Coxreel Air Hose Reel without Hose Installed.
    Spring to protect the hose on transition from reel to the swivel.
    -3/8" NPT Swiveling Inlet
    -Anti-vibration Clamp to hold hose in place.
    -50' Custom-Made OG Air Hose: 3/8" NPTM Inlet and 1/4" NPTM Outlet.
    - 2' Custom-Made Air Hose Jumper: 3/8" NPTM Inlet and Outlet
    -3/8" Rubber Hose Stay: Allows you to set the length of the hose hanging off the reel.
    -Prevost S1 Euro-High Flow Aluminum Body Swiveling Coupler: this is completely fluid and swivels in all directions. Includes a boot that covers the termination. This will screw directly onto the 1/4" outlet of the hose.
    - Tornador with 1/4" Euro High-Flow Plug
    - Prevost Force 3 Air Nozzle with Euro High-Flow Plug
    - Prevost OSHA Blow Gun with Euro High-Flow Plug
    - Prevost 13" Blow Gun with Euro High-Flow Plug
    - PCL Accura 1 Tire Inflator - Swiveling Clip-on with Euro High-Flow Plug

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