Basic 24" Rubber Bucket Filler Solution


This is obviously a much less costly and simpler solution to the Ultimate version of my bucket filler package.  This is a pretty stout 3/4" professional grade 24" section of hose with very secure brass garden hose fittings on each end.  This is a great option if you are interested in modifying or installing your hose bib higher to function well at filling buckets.

Specs that I think matter are:

  • Standard Garden Hose Brass 3/4" GHT Male Fitting x 3/4" GHT Female Fittings
  • 2 Pairs of Brass Couplers and Plugs
  • 3/4" Rubber Continental Hose

My hose bib in my wash bay is mounted 45" from the ground to the center of the Prier Hose Bib.  That puts the bottom of the fire hose nozzle 14" from the ground.

I finally have a solution the hose nozzle you can choose to add to this hose.  ***Nozzle in the photos is not included.***