Ultimate Pressol Solution

SKU: DP100002
Ultimate Pressol Solution
Ultimate Pressol Solution
Ultimate Pressol Solution

Ultimate Pressol Solution

SKU: DP100002
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You have found the best sprayer on the market!

I'm pumped about the Ultimate Pressol Solution. After trying out various spray bottles, I realized they are great for both household and detailing products due to their versatility. 

This Ultimate Pressol Solution is perfect for those as meticulous as I am when having matching sets. What's really cool about these bottles is how they look. I love seeing them lined up uniformly on my garage shelving.

What sets these spray bottles apart is the double action. When you press the trigger, it sprays on both the pull and the release. This feature makes it effortless to use, and it won't cause finger fatigue. It's also great for waterless car washes or anywhere you are applying a serious amount of liquid on a surface.

You will receive 20 transparent bottles in either 500mL or 750mL size. You will also receive 20 Pressol Household Double Action Sprayers equipped with Pressol Industrial Sprayer Heads and Product Category Labels. I'm including 20 sprayer tips because you WILL have some fail on you.

If you are searching for the ultimate sprayer bottle lineup, look no further than the Pressol Solution - trust me on this!

At this time, I am not offering a warranty on Pressol as it is a wear-and-tear product. It's important to note that certain chemicals may not play nicely with these sprayers, resulting in faulty triggers or cracked tips.

Note: This solution does NOT include liquid in the bottle, and labels are not pre-applied. We have made a short video on how to apply your labels HERE.

x20 Pressol Household Double Action Sprayers
x20 Pressol Industrial Sprayer Heads
x20 Industrial Weighted Pick Up Tubes
x20 Sprayer Head Tips
x1 Pressol Label Pack

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