Vyper Chair Sidekick

Vyperchair Sidekick
Vyperchair Sidekick
Vyper Chair Sidekick
Vyper Chair Sidekick
Vyper Chair Sidekick

Vyper Chair Sidekick

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Vyper Chair Attachment

Vyper Chair has impressed me with the products they’ve explicitly introduced to the car detailing industry. Along with the OG Vyper Chair, we now carry the Sidekick, a nifty accessory that can be attached to the chair, allowing you to carry tools, towels, and bottles within arm’s reach.

I, for one, am not going to be carrying bottles around on this thing. I’m a grown-up. However, I do like the idea of setting my sprayer (while attached to my hose) inside of the open side slot, along with being able to put my Mosmatic nozzles inside of the two open holes between the cup holders. This makes it super convenient to grab and put things down while washing my car. 

So, this whole thing came about when Alex (Lex Garage), who works for Vyper Chair, stopped by OGHQ to show me how it works. I forewarned him that he and the entire universe would know about it if I didn’t like it. I can confidently say that I like it. 

One thing that was a concern of mine was the edges of the Sidekick. I didn’t like that if I were to get close to my car, I could potentially scratch the paint. Vyper Chair responded and will include outside rubber protectors. 

It excites me when a company is willing to put itself out there and make a product what it needs to be and not what the price dictates. Vyper Chair is clearly taking the time to make a quality product that is both functional and built well.       


  • Made in The USA
  • Fits all chair styles
  • Lifetime Warranty

x1 Sidekick
x2 Stainless Steel Cup Holders
x2 Outside Rubber Protectors

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