Obsessed Garage Vacuum Accessory Kit

Obsessed Garage Vacuum Accessory Kit

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The Obsessed Garage Vacuum Accessories were curated specifically for the Obsessed Garage Vacuum Solution. Let me tell you, There are thousands of vacuum tools on the market, but 99% of them are junk. We've done a pretty good job of finding the best of what exists now until I can get someone to make some legit custom ones.

This kit contains various tools to suit any application, not only for your car but any other tasks in the garage.

The Handle, Telescopic Wand, And Floor Tool are exceptional for cleaning floors and have more than enough power to pull from under Swisstrax.

For interiors, I thought all I would ever need was the crevice tool and a detailing brush, but that's only sometimes the case. The Round Dusting Brush, Multi-Use Flat Tool, & Crevice Brush are great for dusting door panels and getting into hard-to-reach places. The Mini Hand Turbine might seem like a gimmick, but I'm telling you, it has some serious power.

I'm very pleased with the accessories we found, and I believe you will be as well.

x1 - Handle
x1 - Telescopic Wand
x1 - Floor Tool
x1 - Mini Hand Turbine
x1 - Round Dusting Brush
x1 - Multi-Use Flat Tool
x1 - Flexible Crevice Tool
x1 - Crevice Tool
x1 -Crevice Brush

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