Ultimate Milwaukee Drill/Drivers Tool Package

SKU: TP010003
Milwaukee Drill/Drivers Ultimate Tool Package

Ultimate Milwaukee Drill/Drivers Tool Package

SKU: TP010003
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Everyone should have a general-purpose drill/driver set in their home, so I created this Milwaukee Drill/Driver Tool Package exactly for that purpose.

As many of you may already know, Milwaukee makes some of the world's best hand tools. When I began this chase to become a dealer, I knew I wasn’t going to let up until I got a yes, and for good reason. The fit and finish of these tools and the magic behind them (the batteries) made it a worthwhile chase to go on. Those of you in the Milwaukee ecosystem understand the versatility that comes with these powerful lithium-ion batteries. I did a deep dive on the Milwaukee batteries back in 2020 with Ben from Battery Innovation Center, be sure to check that video out if you’re into this kind of stuff.

If you’re looking to get into this Milwaukee world, you’d want to start with our Basic Package that comes with the Milwaukee M12™ FUEL™ 2-Tool Combo Kit: ½” Hammer Drill and ¼” Hex Impact Driver, and Impact Driver Protective Boot. The M12 FUEL™  ½” Hammer Drill is super lightweight and has the POWERSTATE Brushless Motor, delivering power to a wide variety of applications at 1700 RPM and 350in.lbs of torque. I’ve found this to work exceptionally well in tight spaces. The M12 FUEL™ ¼” Hex Impact Driver also has the POWERSTATE Brushless Motor that delivers up to 0-3,300 RPM with constant power output to drive in screws faster. I’d use this when putting together a subwoofer box or using some self-tapping screws for metalwork, or even screwing a carbon fiber front lip into the bottom of one of my cars. Torque-wise, you’re looking at 1,300 in-lbs, roughly 108 ft-lbs. 

Now, if more power and faster speeds under heavy load is what you want then you’d go with our Advanced Solution. You’ll get the M18™ FUEL™ 2-Tool Combo Kit Hammer Drill/Impact that has the ½” Hammer Drill/Driver and ¼” Hex Impact Driver. The M18 FUEL™  ½” Hammer Drill/Driver has 60% more power and x2 faster in speed than the M12 FUEL™ Drill. It has the REDLINK PLUS™ intelligence that ensures maximum performance and protects from overloads, heating, and over-discharge. The M18 FUEL™ ¼” Hex Impact Driver is compact with a faster driving speed than the M12 version. I’d use this when I need to drive a lag screw through a post or maybe if I’m tightening up some exhaust bolts on the bottom of my car. It has four different drive modes with 1-3 being general driving modes and mode 4 being for self-tapping screws. 

We finally have our Ultimate Package, which is super legit. You’re getting the full suite here. Along with the Milwaukee M12™ FUEL™ 2-Tool Combo Kit: ½” Hammer Drill and ¼” Hex Impact Driver and M18™ FUEL™ 2-Tool Combo Kit Hammer Drill/Impact, you’re also getting:

  • Milwaukee M12™ FUEL™ SURGE & Drill Driver 2-PC Combo Kit (used on my cars and around-the-house projects - super easy to carry around)
  • Milwaukee M12™ FUEL™ Installation Drill/Drive (Bridges the gap in the M12 drill line and gives you the option of using four different kinds of attachments)
  • Milwaukee M12™ Cordless Lithium-Ion 5/8” SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer (Better for drilling through concrete than your standard hammer drill)
  • Milwaukee M18™ FUEL™ SURGE™ 1/4" Hex Hydraulic Driver (Great for driving in screws faster. The SURGE line has better torque distribution which is much flatter and more consistent than the non-surge tools)

I think these packages will be a huge success with our customer base. The fact that we have the best darn tools on the market plus the simplification we’ve incorporated by bundling them will make the purchasing process much easier.


Milwaukee Tools do not qualify for 10% Hex Plus discounts. However, Milwaukee does qualify for Hex Plus free shipping.