Tool Grid Cam Holder


Cam holders, these are a unique holder because they rotate like a cam so you can get the right space between the holder and the tool to get an exact fit. I try to use as little cam holders as I can because they don't look as visually appealing when compared to other holders from Tool Grid. Cam holders have 10 pieces in a pack.

I discovered the tool grid system while running around SEMA, When I saw it I knew it was going to change the way I looked at tool organization. Foam is great but if you replace a tool or get rid of one you have to redo the drawer with an entirely new piece of foam which is very time consuming.

This is where Tool Grid by Mantis comes in, because the entire system is modular it's extremely easy to add and take away tools just by swapping a few pieces out. It also improves your ability to lay tools out, instead of just laying tools flat it gives you the option of storing tools vertically which opens up a lot more storage space.

While Will and Chris were down at my wash-bay demonstrating every aspect of the Tool Grid system we were able to consolidate two of my wrench drawers into one. It really got my mind racing on just how organized and efficient my drawers could be.

Cam Holder - TGH-12

Cam Holder Height: 1"

Total Height with Mat & Board: 1 1/2"