STAGE 1 Isolation Feet

IsoAcoustics STAGE 1 Isolation Feet
STAGE 1 Isolation Feet
STAGE 1 Isolation Feet for Speakers
STAGE 1 Isolation Feet

STAGE 1 Isolation Feet

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The Stage 1 isolators from IsoAcoustics are an isolation platform designed for amplifiers, turntables, and speaker cabinets. 

Stage 1 is a patented isolation technology that eliminates the effects of structure-borne vibrations, which can degrade audio performance. These isolators are constructed with a unique combination of materials, including a high-density fiberboard base and a layer of IsoAcoustics patented isolators. The isolators are designed to absorb and dissipate vibrations reducing the energy transmission between the audio component and the supporting surface. All you need to know here is you’ll get clearer/crispier sound from your speakers.

Installation is super easy. If you’re installing these directly into your speaker cabinet, you’d:

  • Remove any existing feet and fasten the Stage 1 isolators directly to the bottom of the guitar/bass amps, cabinets, subwoofer, or stage monitors using the supplied fasteners.

The isolators are rated for up to 200 lbs (90 kg) per set of four and are designed for equipment ranging from small bass combo amps to stacked 4-12 cabinets.

x4 - STAGE 1 Isolation Feet

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