RUPES HLR 15 5" Random Orbital Polisher

RUPES HLR 15 5" Random Orbital Polisher

RUPES HLR 15 5" Random Orbital Polisher

  • Early 2024
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Here it is, folks, the next generation of the Rupes 5" Polisher - and it's finally got in the game with battery power. I don't get excited by much, but when I tested this out at SEMA, I was really impressed with it. With the LHR 15, I found the cord annoying and the polisher on the weaker side. That is why I switched my preference to the Milwaukee 15mm Polisher. I will need to test this polisher back to back with the others, but my initial impression will be that this will be the one to beat.

I wanted to make this available to you all as soon as I could, so I am making this pre-order until we get them in stock in early 2024. 

The HLR 15 is much lighter weight, and it seemed to not stall out as easily. Also, the noise of the machine is greatly reduced. With the LHR 15, at times, it sounds like the gears were grinding and making a lot of noise. 

Jump in line to be one of the first to get the new Rupes polisher. I bet you will be as impressed as I was. 


Ø Backing pads mm-in - 125 - 5”
Ø orbit mm-in - 15 - 19/32”
Volt DC - 18V
Battery lifetime - 30 - 40 min
Charging time - 50 - 55 min
R.P.M. - 3000 - 5200
Weight (without battery) kg-lbs - 1.75 - 3.8

x1 - iBrid HLR15 Single Tool
x1 - 9HC185LT Charger
x2 - 9HB185LT Batteries
x1 - 9.DACOARSE250 D-A COARSE Polishing Compound 250mL
x2 - 9.DAFINE250 D-A FINE Polishing Compound 250mL
x2 - 9.DA150B Intermediate DA pads (Light blue)
x2 - 9.DA150M Fine DA pads (Yellow)
x2 - 9.NW130H D-A Coarse Wool Pads (Blue)
x2 - 9.NW130M D-A Fine Wool Pads (Yellow)

Packaged in a RUPES carton box

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ETA Information:

This item is available for PRE-ORDER. They are expected to ship in Early 2024.