Prier C-108 Hot and Cold Mixing Hose Bibb


The C-108 is a mixing hose bibb that may be useful for those of you that live in a colder climate and would want to fill your buckets with hot water. One of the coolest features about the C-108 are that it can be mounted horizontally or vertically and it has a positional outlet. The C-108 is a freezeless, anti-siphon bibb with a backflow check valve. The C-108 requires about 1-1/4 360 degree turn to get the valve 100% open where a bibb like the P-164 requires roughly a single quarter turn. The body of the C-108 is 100% brass with satin nickel plating.  This gives an attractive and durable protective finish. What's nice about Prier products is you can rebuild the internals of the hose bibb making it a true lifetime product!

These C-108 hose bibbs come with a type D seating option which is a 1/2” MIP x 1/2” SWT that requires you to bore a 1” Hole. From what we've read MIP is equivalent to NPT.

The C-108 will come with the hot handle not put on so you can choose to between using a handle or using a loose key. A loose key design is great for people who have younger kids in the house and don't want them accidentally burning themselves. Everything is included in the box.

The C-108 can provide a year round freezeless operation due to the bibb valve being connected to the water supply pipe in the heated section of the structure (Your house or garage). The 4" or 12" are recommended for locations where it gets really cold outside because the valve will be further inside the heated structure where something like the 1.5" close couple bibb has the valve closer to the exterior elements.


  • Anti-siphon aluminum vacuum breaker with EPDM backflow preventer and backflow check valve 
  • Internal checks to prevent thermal migration 
  • Solid brass body, valve stem cap, seat and stem ends 
  • Satin nickel plated body maintains attractive finish 
  • Stainless steel screws 
  • Powder coated cast aluminum handle 
  • Lock shield cap 
  • AFG teflon with graphite packing for easy maintenance 
  • Standard “OO” size seat washer 
  • Each valve air-tested at factory for leak-free quality 
  • Spout aligning mark with manufacturer’s date code 
  • Rebuildable internals

Download Spec Sheet
Installation, Operation & Maintenance Guide

For Use as a Bucket Filler - Height Recommendation: Remember that the hose will carry a radius when hanging freely.  In my wash bay, the bibb is mounted at 45.75" from the floor to the center line of the mounting holes. That leaves the tip of the nozzle at 14.5" from the ground. I would suggest moving the bibb up another 1.5 inches since the Ultimate Nozzle is a bit longer than my old Adam's.