Overhead Lights


To be completely honest, I still haven't found "the" lights for which I'm looking.  But for now, these are best we've got.  I know I'm not the only one that cares about garage lighting, so I'm going to continue to pursue improvement.  These are what I would classify as good.

If you have seen in some of my past videos the lights I've put in my 2 garages or in the LZ Garage project, these are much better.  I hadn't found these yet.  The good news is these include bulbs and are less expensive as a total package due to lack of ballasts.  They are still the typical 20 Gauge baked White Enamel Steel, but they have some reinforcement on the sides that make them a bit more sturdy.

They are single sided powered.  These include 5000K frosted LEDs.  They are a bit more palatable at 5000K for most people.  I would suggest trying 5000K then getting the more expensive 6000K higher CRI bulbs later.  As of now, I don't have access to those. 

These are technically high bay fixtures due to the reflectors, but we can use them in a normal height garage if placed properly.  That's why frosted LED tubes are necessary.  Here are the details that matter.

  • 4 Bulb Fixture
    • 4 Frosted, 22W Single-Sided 5000K Tubes included
    • Rated to draw 0.74A per fixture
    • 11,400 LED Lumen Output (21,660 Equivalent)
  • 6 Bulb Fixture
    • 6 Frosted, 22W Single-Sided 5000K Tubes Included
    • Rated to draw 1.2A per fixture
    • 17,100 LED Lumen Output (32,490 Equivalent)
  • Both 4 and 6 are 48" L x 13 7/8" W x 3 15/16" D
  • 110V Rated at 50,000+ Hours 80+ CRI
  • Surface Mountable or Chain Hung Capable

***Price includes shipping to Continental US.***