Stainless Steel License Plate Frame


I really dislike plate frames...I really do.  Like many of you probably have done, I've bought dozens of them.  I would get 3 of them, mount the plate in the frame, walk about 10 feet back and pull that head cocked to the side move attempting to see it differently.  But the result was always junk.  Then about 6 years ago I took a flyer on a Dinan plate frame when I bought their middle racing exhaust for my M3.  It was one of those, "That looks cool," add it to my cart moments.  But...the frame was $40.  I probably would have never bought it, but something about buying a $2500 exhaust desensitizes you to cost.  I got it, and it was awesome, really awesome.  It doesn't hide the letters on the plate, is super slim, and looks ultra clean on the car.

When Obsessed Garage started to gain lots and lots of followers, I knew I had to have my own frames, so I started searching for where Dinan had theirs made.  It took quite a lot of digging, but I eventually figured it out.  I also found out why they were priced at $40.  I bought 50 of them, unsure if anyone would buy them at $40.

Now that I am able to buy in much large quantities, my cost has fallen.  I can now offer them at a more palatable price and offer 2 hole or 4 hole designs in both brushed aluminum and black.  Both have Laser Engraved OG logo that is super durable and looks pretty darn clean if you ask me. 

I decided not to include the Hardware Hider Caps.  There are no screws included.  I don't like using them on my car, so I'm making them optional at $2.50 per pair.