Sonic Tools MSS Cupboard

MSS 26" Cupboard
Sonic Tools MSS Cupboard

Sonic Tools MSS Cupboard

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Cheaper alternatives like New Age or Gladiator are not in the same league. These compete in quality with Moduline and Lista but ease of installation is much better.

What you need to know 

  • Comes Assembled
  • Easy Installation
  • Front Centralized Lock
  • Lifetime Warranty Through Sonic Tools
  • Comes With Finishing Kick Plate


Sonic Tools MSS 26" Cupboard

Weight:  28.44 lbs

Width: 26.53" Height: 15.74" Depth: 11.81" 


Sonic Tools MSS 34" Cupboard

Weight:  33.29 lbs

Width: 33.26" Height: 15.74" Depth: 11.81"

x1 - Sonic Tools MSS Cupboard in either 26" or 34" variations.

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