Sonic Tools MSS+ 134" Setup, 15 Drawers With Storage

SKU: 5881106K-SS
Sonic Tools MSS+ 134" Setup, 15 Drawers With Storage

Sonic Tools MSS+ 134" Setup, 15 Drawers With Storage

SKU: 5881106K-SS
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I think these are the best cabinets in the world. Otherwise, I wouldn't have them.

I always thought LISTA would be what I landed on as the best, but after a not-so-ideal ordering process and ownership experience, I have to give it to Sonic for just how great these cabinets are. 

MSS+ is the “Top of the Line” offering from Sonic. They have their mobile cabinets, MSS, and then MSS+. They designed these for dealerships and high-end garages like Porsche service centers and F1 Teams. But luckily, through OG, you can get some for your home garage too.

Now look, they're not cheap. Your average array can cost upwards of $40K, but… I'm telling you, if you can spend the money you won't regret it. They come in a nice wrinkle-black finish with silver handles. Originally, I wanted the European version that is dark green with matching handles, but after seeing both the black and silver, the US version is simply better. The drawer slides have a reassuring feel; they glide well with a satisfying locking mechanism.

MSS+, like all Sonic cabinets, is also compatible with the Sonic Foam System, so you can build your own dream system or use one of the ones we already built for you.

I highly recommend you reach out to the Design team for help building your system; it's not impossible to figure it out on your own, hence why we have everything available, but honestly, they work with these every day. They know what's best, and it's a much nicer purchasing experience to let them do everything for you. 

What you need to know

  • Adjustable feet
  • High-quality durable powder coating finish
  • Full extension drawers
  • Full height drawer sidewall
  • Ball-bearing slides with unique ball cage design made in the Netherlands
  • Slides contain heavy-duty stop, pull function and fall safety system
  • Ergonomic handle in extruded/anodized silver aluminum
  • Front centralized dial safety-lock made in Germany         
  • Standard color RAL 9004 (Black for US)
  • Heavy-duty 1.4mm steel construction
  • All deep drawers include ventilation slots
  • 10-year warranty

What You Get

x1 720mm 8 Drawer Cabinet
x1 890mm Bridge
x1 870mm 7 Drawer Portable Cabinet
x1 720 Storage Cabinet
x1 1060mm Double Door Storage Corner Cabinet
x1 720mm Waste Bin
x2 720mm Wall Cabinets
x1 890mm Wall Cabinets
Back Panels and Posts
Stainless Tops Included

Shipping Information

This item is dropshipped from Sonic Tools in Alabama.Ships via freight. Shipping will be invoiced separately.