Milwaukee M18™ Inflator

Milwaukee M18™ Inflator
Milwaukee M18™ Inflator
Milwaukee M18™ Inflator
Milwaukee M18™ Inflator
Milwaukee M18™ Inflator

Milwaukee M18™ Inflator

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One of the best decisions I made was chasing after Milwaukee Tools. I love working with companies that aren’t afraid to be innovative and take risks. This M18 Inflator is an example of taking a practical piece of equipment and enhancing it for maximum performance. They really did a fantastic job with this thing. 

I love this tire inflator because it’s compact and has amazing output. For example, you can top off 33” light truck tires in under one minute. That’s insane - its max-rated PSI is 150. What makes this tool so powerful is Milwaukee’s magic - their batteries. The M18™ REDLITHIUM has proven to stand the test of time and consistently impresses me. A magical battery combined with a legit tool makes for a perfect “on the go” tire inflator solution. 

One of the many things I like about this inflator is the auto pressure check feature that activates when you’ve reached your PSI target. The inflator will shut off to prevent overinflation. Simple enough. This is what Milwaukee calls their TRUEFILL Technology.

What made this tire inflator possible was Milwaukee listening to their consumers and making this essential tool darn close to perfection. A few things they put in front of them were 1) Users need quick fill speed to maintain productivity and avoid downtime 2) Users require accuracy to meet the manufacturer’s recommended PSI and properly main tires 3) Users service a large range of vehicles and need the ability to complete a full spectrum of fills. 

In comparison to some of the other tire inflators on the market, this is by far the best one. 

Some of you may own the Milwaukee M12™ Compact Inflator, which is a great tool, especially for topping off basketballs and bike tires, but if you’re someone who needs more juice for those larger tires, you’ll want to grab this in addition to the compact inflator. 

Great job on this one, Milwaukee.

x1 M18 Inflator
x1 Inflation Needle
x1 Inflator Nozzle
x1 Presta Chuck
Battery Not Included

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