Lutron Diva 0-10V Single Pole/3 Way Dimmer

Lutron Diva 0-10V Single Pole/3 Way Dimmer
Lutron Diva 0-10V Single Pole/3 Way Dimmer

Lutron Diva 0-10V Single Pole/3 Way Dimmer

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The Lutron Diva 0-10V Single Pole/3 Way Dimmer has no wireless capability. It's just a standard wired dimmer. The only time you would use a switch like this is in your garage if you don’t want to deal with any app controls or wireless connections.

This switch is for 0-10V fixtures. You'll need to run both your line voltage and 0-10V wiring from the dimmer to your lights; Perfect for hardwiring your Cree LS fixtures in the garage if you can handle the 0-10V wiring needed.

Capability of setting up a 3-way switch by wiring up another one on the opposite side of the room. The slider on the right gives you precise control over the dimming preset. A physical slider means your setting sticks when you toggle the lights.

Capacity-wise, it can handle up to 8A. That means you can control up to 10 Cree LS8 high-lumen output fixtures, each drawing 0.77A. Straight to the point, no frills, “Dummy Switch.” Get it if it fits your needs. 

Technical Information


  • Operating Voltage: 120–277 V~ 50/60 Hz
  • Output Ratings: Switch rating of 8 A. 0–10 V control link for 50 mA maximum output (sink only).
  • 0–10 V Control Link: 0–10 V control link is Class 1. Controls up to 25 ballasts or drivers (IEC 60929 Annex E.2 requires the ballast / driver to limit the current draw
  • to 2.0 mA maximum).


  • Power pack cannot be used with DVSTV- models.
  • Works with all ballasts and drivers that provide a current source compliant to IEC 60629 Annex E.2, and whose inrush current does not exceed NEMA410 standards for electronic ballast / driver loads of 8 A steady state current.
  • Adjustable high-end and low-end trim for optimal dimming performance.
  • Power failure memory: should power be interrupted, the control will return to its previously set level prior to the interruption when power is restored.
  • Captive linear slider.
  • Precise color matching.

Product Documentation

Lutron Diva 0-10V Single Pole/3 Way Dimmer Installation Guide

x1 - Lutron 0-10V Single Pole/3 Way Dimmer

(White) - DVSTV-WH
(Black) - DVSTV-BL

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