KXK Single Polisher Rack


I met Andy Ward and Jason Killmer at SEMA in 2017.  We started chatting about some of their products (KXK Dynamics), and Andy asked me if there was anything the world was missing.  I said, "We need a sick individual rack to showcase polishers."  Well...these guys are like me, they execute.  They went out and made a pretty darn awesome example of what I want to showcase and display my fancy polishers.

As of now the black finish for the KXK polisher holder will be discontinued (We still have many in stock) and the hammered finish will be the finish going forward. The hammered finish is more durable and less likely to get scratched. If I cannot get the black finish anymore maybe I'll try and source a black hammered finish from KXK.

  • These can be wall mounted or fixed to your detailing cart
  • Fits most Dual Action, Pneumatic, and Rotary Polishers
  • Neoprene Gasket for hanging area is included
  • Made in the USA
  • 14 Gauge high strength steel
  • Powder Coated Black
  • Width: 6”   Height: 9”   Depth from wall: 3"
  • 1.9 lbs
  • Fastener Spacing: 3/4” On Center
  • Storage Opening: 5” x 6” 

    These don't come with screws for mounting.  I used basic drywall screws.

    Shown in the photos: My friend Tony made me a rack to mount multiple next to each other.   We bought a 1" x 8" piece of pine and painted it black.