Kranzle K1122TST Pressure Washer

Kranzle K1122TST Pressure Washer
Kranzle K1122TST Pressure Washer
Kranzle K1122TST Pressure Washer
Kranzle K1122TST Pressure Washer
Kranzle K1122TST Pressure Washer
Kranzle K1122TST Pressure Washer
Kranzle K1122TST Pressure Washer
Kranzle K1122TST Pressure Washer
Kranzle K1122TST Pressure Washer
Kranzle K1122TST Pressure Washer

Kranzle K1122TST Pressure Washer

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Kranzle pressure washers have been the keystone of my business since I started Obsessed Garage. My very own K1122TST that I had for roughly 8-years ran like a tank. I parted ways with it once I set up my custom install. I didn’t have much use for it after moving to an on-wall solution. It had never been serviced. The only maintenance I did to it was changing the oil. It’s amazing how that thing operated so well for so long.

What’s so special about the K1122TST? Outside of its fit/finish and its uncompromising German quality, it performs exceptionally well.

I’ve done a serious deep dive on these Kranzle pressure washers. The numbers are really good. You’ve heard me say a million times how flow is far more important than pressure. This unit does about 2.0 GPM (gallons per minute) and the measured pressure came out to be roughly 1050 PSI (pounds per square inch).

These numbers indicate that we are getting the ideal amount of flow and pressure to wash our cars. Not only does this thing perform well, but it also looks freaking amazing. If you’ve been following me for any amount of time, you know that I want products that work and look good. Having the combination of aesthetics and functionality is OG spec.

The convenience of having a pressure washer you can wheel around gives you complete control over where you want to set up to wash your car. Not everyone wants to wall mount their pressure washer, so this is a great alternative.

The K1122TST measures at 40” length by 13” width by 17” height and weighs around 80 pounds. So, storing it away will be super easy to do and it won’t consume a ton of real estate as a wall mount solution would.

If you want to have the full experience like me, you’ll want to get the Complete Kranzle Pressure Washing Solution. With the K1122TST by itself, you’re going to get all of their OE accessories. Although not bad, we want better than OE. In my solution kit, you’ll get MTM stainless steel garden hose QDs, Mosmatic (swiss-made) QDs, an OG Spec Wand, an OG Spec Mosmatic Sprayer, and a Griots foam cannon with a Mosmatic stainless 1/4” plug. 

This will be everything you’ll need for the perfect portable solution. 


Kranzle K1122TST

- Measured Flow: 2.0 GPM

- Measured Pressure: 1050 PSI

- Measured Current: 16.4 A with OE accessories

- 3 Piston Wobble Plate Pump

- Self-Priming

- Auto-start/stop

- 35’ Power Cord with GFCI

- 50’ ¼” Wire Braided High-Pressure Hose on a Hose Reel

- OE Nozzle Orifice: 4.2

- Electrical Requirements: 110 V, 15 A (we recommend using a 20 A circuit based on our testing)

- Inlet: ¾” Female GHT

- Outlet: M22 Female (14mm) Hose

- Dimensions: 40” W x 13” D x 17” H

- Weight: 80 LBS

If you are using an aftermarket sprayer and wand (like in the K1122TST Portable Solution we offer), you should use a 4.5 nozzle in either 40 degrees or 25 degrees. DO NOT use anything smaller than 4.0 (4.5 is our recommendation) as you run the risk of damaging the machine! The stock nozzle size on the OE Kranzle wands is 4.2.

Warranty Information

Kranzle offers a 1-year warranty for commercial use and 2 years for home use. Info about their warranty can be found HERE. If you ever have a problem with your machine, reach out to us. Before you send us an email, try to work through the issues yourself in our FAQ and Support tab. Sometimes it’s a simple fix if you’re having trouble. 

FAQ & Support

User Manual
Kranzle K1122TST Operating Manual with spare parts list

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Kranzle K1122TST

The best portable pressure washer for car washing and light-duty cleaning tasks.

- Kranzle K1122TST Pressure Washer

- OE Sprayer

- OE Wand with Dirt Killer Turbo Nozzle

- OE Wand with Vario-Jet Nozzle

- 50’ High-Pressure Hose on a Hose Reel

- Chemical Injection Tube

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