Kranzle Green O-Ring

SKU: KZ-9713273
Kranzle Green O-Ring
Pressure Washer O-Ring

Kranzle Green O-Ring

SKU: KZ-9713273
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I wanted to be able to offer anything you need to properly maintain your Kranzle pressure washer. This replacement o-ring is one of those items. 


Kranzle Green O-Ring
- Fits the OE Kranzle hose
     - K1122TST
     - K1622TS
- 9.3 x 2.4 mm O-ring

FAQ & Support

Troubleshooting: Kranzle OE Hose is Leaking from Plastic Flange or at the M22 Connection.

x1 Kranzle Green O-Ring
An o-ring for the outlet of the OE Kranzle hose that comes with the K1122TST and K1622TS. There aren’t any options here. Just click add to cart and you’ll be set.

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