GAIA II Isolation Feet (4 Pack)

isoACOUSTICS GAIA II Isolation Feet
GAIA II Dark Chrome Speaker Isolators
GAIA II Isolation Feet (4 Pack)
GAIA II Isolation Feet (4 Pack)

GAIA II Isolation Feet (4 Pack)

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The GAIA II Speaker Isolators from isoACOUSTICS are used for your floor-standing speakers and subwoofers weighing up to 121 lbs. In order to reduce unwanted vibrations and resonance, there needs to be a decoupling of your speakers from the surface they are placed on. I’m an audio nerd, so I'm game for any audio accessory I can get my hands on that can make even the subtleness of improvement in sound. 

These isolators are made from high-quality materials with a precision machine housing dedicated to fit most speaker models. This pack comes with a variety of thread sizes and lengths, making it easy to install on your speakers. I love the sleek and stylish design; it compliments any speaker well.

These are easy to install and an essential accessory for audiophiles looking to get the most out of their speakers. Whether you are a professional musician or a home audio enthusiast, the GAIA II will take your listening experience to the next level.

4x GAIA Isolation Feet

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