Flex Vacuum Cleaning Set

SKU: CH-445053
Flex Vacuum Cleaning Set

Flex Vacuum Cleaning Set

SKU: CH-445053
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One of the reasons I love the Flex Vacuum so much is the accessories that you can get for it. I've tried a lot of vacuums, and all of them have terrible accessories. The Flex accessories are actually decent and are made of high-quality plastic.

The floor attachment has a swivel that makes it easier to use than traditional floor attachments. I also like how the extension tubes are made of metal and are much sturdier than the plastic extension tubes you see on most vacuums.

The crevice tool that comes in the set is the perfect length for getting into tight spaces. The angled attachment for the end of the hose is also nice. It's more comfortable to use over extended vacuuming sessions. It also is antistatic, meaning you have less chance of getting zapped with static electricity. 

Trust me, I probably hate vacuuming more than anyone, but these accessories make the process much less painful. If you get the Flex Vacuum, you'll want to get this Vacuum Cleaning Set as well. 

What You Get

- Bent Hose End Attachment
- Crevice Tool
- Round Brush Nozzle
- Cushion Nozzle
- Floor Attachment
- x3 Extension Pipes

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