Dynaudio SUB RCC

SKU: DA-78000670
Dynaudio SUB RCC
Dynaudio SUB RCC
Dynaudio In-Wall SUB RCC
Dynaudio SUB RCC
Dynaudio SUB RCC
Retrofit Dynaudio SUB RCC
Dynaudio SUB RCC
Dynaudio SUB RCC

Dynaudio SUB RCC

SKU: DA-78000670
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You may run into a scenario where a custom (sub) in-wall solution is necessary. It wouldn’t be my preference, but this Dynaudio SUB RCC makes sense in specific applications.

I will always choose a big box subwoofer for my garage audio setups like a Sub 6 or Sub 18s. However, I do understand this won’t always work. An example would be the Atlanta garage we did, where having a big sub in the wash bay area didn’t make sense because water is going to get sprayed everywhere, running the risk of damaging a boxed subwoofer. 

We decided the best install for this project was to use this in-wall subwoofer to help the OW8 outdoor speakers with their frequency response resulting in a much better sound.

It’s rated to play down to 16Hz at a slight roll-off, but it’s really a 20Hz and up little in-wall sub. It doesn’t require any modifications other than you cutting a hole. 

With this, you’re getting four 3” by 6” woofers. The energy will transfer forward from the speakers since there’s nowhere behind it to go. It’s a sealed enclosure with active drivers, so there’s no passive radiator. If you were to compare this to a regular box woofer, it would be similar to a 9 or 10” woofer.  

We did two installs in the Atlanta garage, and it’s a really clean application as long as you cut the wall properly. This will fit in a standard 2x4, 2x6 drywall construction, but it really doesn’t matter. The woofers are inside of a sealed package, so it’s not using the wall as a traditional in-wall speaker would use. A standard in-wall speaker uses the wall as the box, but with this, all of the energy is contained. 

You won’t notice much rattling coming out of the wall. It uses Reactance Cancelling Configuration (RCC) technology where two drivers work in opposition to each other to eliminate vibration in the speaker and the wall or ceiling. 

If your setup calls for an in-wall sub, I’d highly recommend you give this one a go. It’s really nice and sounds great. 

If you’re going to do these in your garage, you’ll want to do two. The Audio Control Subwoofer Amp RS1000 will work perfectly with this setup. If you’re doing one, you’ll want the Audio Control Subwoofer Amp RS500.    


    • Type: In-wall subwoofer
    • Drivers: 4 x 3x6 inch long-throw
    • Frequency response (+/- 3 dB): 20hz to 145hz
    • Impedance (nominal/minimum): 8Ω / 5Ω
    • Sensitivity (dB SPL [2.83 V/1 m]): 92 dB
    • Continuous power: 160 W
    • Long term power: 400 W
    • Dimensions pre-fit (W x H x D): 355 x 354 x 101 mm | 14 x 14 x 4 in
    • Dimensions retro-fit (W x H x D): 400 x 400 x 101 mm | 15 3⁄4 x 15 3⁄4 x 4 in
    • Cut-out dimensions retro-fit: 366 x 366 mm | 14 3⁄8 x 14 3⁄8 in


    (1) Subwoofer Container with (4) woofers
    (4) New Construction Brackets
    (1) New Construction Thin Grill
    (2) Retro Adapters
    (1) Retro Large Grill
    (6) Screws
    (8) Screws

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