DMF Lighting DRD2 1250 Lumen Fixed Downlight (14.3 W)

DMF Lighting DRD2 1250 Lumen Fixed Downlight (14.3 W)
DMF Lighting DRD2 1250 Lumen Fixed Downlight (14.3 W)
DMF Lighting DRD2 1250 Lumen Fixed Downlight (14.3 W)

DMF Lighting DRD2 1250 Lumen Fixed Downlight (14.3 W)

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Quality lighting is often neglected in the home and the garage. I’ve deemed quality lighting to be light that accurately reflects colors back to your eye. While bright light output is important, what matters is how well that light can register the true complexion of an object or thing back to your visual senses. DMF’s modular light engine, with its high CRI rating, is the highest quality light I’ve ever experienced. It’s so good. 

Most people just focus on the brightness (lumen output) or the temperature (Kelvin rating), and that’s it. But one of the specs of an LED light that can have the most significant effect on the quality of lighting is the CRI rating. CRI is a light's ability to shine on an object and reflect accurate colors back to your eye. The cheap Amazon junk out there is typically on the lower scale of CRI ratings, but what we shoot for in the home is 90 CRI or more. These DMF modules are rated at 93+ CRI, which is pretty incredible. 

Don’t get me wrong; sometimes, it’s hard to tell the difference between the light output of a DRD2 versus a fantastic-for-the-price 90+ CRI Cree Lighting CR6T retrofit light. But, if you want the best of the best, this is it. You really feel the difference in simplicity and excellent construction when unpacking and installing these. Join this module with the M Series Housing and one of the M Series Trims, and it's a perfect blend of modularity, high-quality construction, and insanely good light output. If you’re retrofitting the lights currently in your home, you’ll only need the module on this page, an Edison Adapter, and a Classic Trim.

This 1250 Lumen light engine will be the main light you’ll want to use. Because they can be dimmed down (via standard Triac or 0-10V), these can be tailored to fit almost any situation. A quick note about temperature choice: In my house here in Lady Lake, which has cooler colors inside, I chose 3500K. But in the Destination OG house in Helen, GA, I installed 3000K because of the warmer colors throughout the house. 

I must love these lights because I swapped out 96 fixtures in my home, including the ones in the laundry room. I’m thoroughly convinced that DMF is the way to go for home lighting. Yes, it is on the pricier side, but if I were you, I’d pony up the money to get them; you won’t regret it. If you’re interested in seeing the installation of the DMF lights in my house, you can watch Mike and I put them in, which was super simple.

x1 - DMF Lighting DRD2 1250 Lumen Fixed Downlight (14.3 W)

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