Coarse Blue Foam Pads for RUPES Nano

RUPES Blue (Coarse) Foam Pads:  You use these with an aggressive compound like M101 to remove bad defects. These can be used with Rotary or 12mm Dual Action movements.
    • 1.25" - 6 Pack

The Blue Coarse Foam Pads are made of a dense foam which efficiently transfers the energy produced by BigFoot large-diameter orbital polishers to the paint. The result is fast paint correction of severe defects with minimal follow-up.

Use the Blue Coarse Foam Pads to remove up to P1500 sanding marks from fresh paint. RUPES Coarse Blue Foam Pads are the ideal choice when removing paint defects and refinishing a variety of finishes including factory-applied, refinish, high-solid, and soft paints.