RUPES HLR 21 6" Random Orbital Polisher

RUPES HLR 21 6" Random Orbital Polisher

RUPES HLR 21 6" Random Orbital Polisher

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The next generation of the Rupes 6" Polisher is finally here. Now with battery power, the HLR 21 is lightweight and powerful.  When I tested this at SEMA, I was really impressed. With the LHR 21, I found the cord annoying and the polisher on the weaker side. It was also loud. With the LHR 21, it could sometimes sound like the gears were grinding and making a lot of noise.

The new HLR 21 is much smoother and quieter. I will need to test this polisher back to back with the others, but my initial impression will be that this will be the one to beat.


Ø backing pads mm-in150 - 6”

Ø orbit mm-in21 - 13/16”

Volt DC18V

Battery lifetime30 - 40 min

Charging time50 - 55 min

R.P.M.3000 - 4500

Weight (without battery) kg-lbs1.95 - 4.3

x1 - iBrid HLR21 Single Tool
x1 - 9HC185LT Charger
x2 - 9HB185LT Batteries
x1 - 9.DACOARSE250 D-A COARSE Polishing Compound 250mL
x2 - 9.DAFINE250 D-A FINE Polishing Compound 250mL
x2 - 9.DA150B Intermediate DA pads (Light blue)
x2 - 9.DA150M Fine DA pads (Yellow)
x2 - 9.NW130H D-A Coarse Wool Pads (Blue)
x2 - 9.NW130M D-A Fine Wool Pads (Yellow)

Packaged in a RUPES carton box

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