BOCK Magnetic Rubber Blocks

SKU: BOCK Magnetic Rubber Blocks - 4 Blocks
BOCK Magnetic Rubber Blocks
Magnetic Rubber Car Lift Blocks
BOCK Magnetic Rubber Blocks for Car Lifts

BOCK Magnetic Rubber Blocks

SKU: BOCK Magnetic Rubber Blocks - 4 Blocks
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For several years I’ve used a variety of lift blocks, and for the most part, they’ve been okay. The team over at BOCK Automotive Lifting Solutions developed a really cool magnetic rubber block that I’ve found to be both functional and necessary. 

What’s nice about these blocks is that they have a magnetic adhesion. You’ll no longer have to sit your lift blocks on the ground; you can just set them on your car lift or tool cart and use them as needed.

As we continue to build out our garage solutions, I know that accessories like this will become more and more desired by many of you. 

So, whether you’re a mechanic or someone like me who enjoys tooling around on cars, these rubber blocks are something you’ll want to have hanging around.


  • Adheres to all metallic surfaces
  • Easily removable from the metallic surface
  • No rubber blocks lying around in the workshop
  • Suitable for scissor lifts and inground lifts with flattening support
  • With a height of only 35mm, it is also suitable for lowered vehicles

Dimensions: a = 120 x 120 mm b = 100 x 100 mm h = 35 mm Weight: 0,55kg

x4 Magnetic Rubber Blocks

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