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Armour Detail Supply Wheel Coating
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Armour Detail Supply Wheel Coating
Armour Detail Supply Wheel Coating
Armour Detail Supply Wheel Coating

Armour Detail Supply Wheel Coating

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I've used several wheel coatings over the years, but the one I use now, Armour Detail Supply Wheel Coating, is definitely my favorite so far. This coating has high solids content and is formulated to withstand the high temperatures that wheels face every day. 

My old process consisted of CSL and EXO, but I realized (as many others did) that combo didn’t hold up very well on wheels, especially in a car you’re driving regularly. So, I called up my good friend Bradley Nilsen and asked what he used on his wheels. He said he liked CARPRO Dlux topped with Gliss, and he was right - it worked much better than CSL and EXO. That said, using these products required three layers to get the best out of them. 

Fast forward a year or so, and Bradley let me know that he was working on his own wheel coating. This new coating would only require one layer and would perform better than Dlux and Gliss. This got my attention. Once the product came out, Bradley sent it to me to try out, and I was very pleased.

This is not a game-changing product, but man, it is nice to avoid having to do multiple layers. I coated the wheels on my GT3 Touring with this coating, and I really enjoyed the process. It is a little grabby to level due to the high solid content, but it's nothing that isn't manageable. After the coating has cured, it is very slick, which I enjoy.

When washing, I've noticed that the water behavior is great. This makes cleaning and maintaining the wheels much easier. I've also noticed that the wheels stay cleaner for longer. 

This is what I'll be using on all of my cars going forward, and I recommend you do the same. Since making the switch, I haven't looked back. Once you try it for yourself, I don't think you will either.


Usage Guide:

The Prep is the most important step of the process, our coating is great but it can not do the prep work for you!

1. Decontaminate the wheel surface using Armour Detail Supply Wheel Cleaner, followed by removing further embedded contamination with a clay bar or synthetic clay mitt.

2. If swirl marks, or scratches are present, polish the paint to reduce any surface defects and create maximum gloss.

3. Use our Armour Detail Supply Panel Prep to remove any oils/residue left from your polishing step. If you did not polish the surface, repeat this step twice to ensure a clean surface.

You are ready to apply Armour Wheel Coating!


1. After thorough prep prime the applicator with 3 lines start and each subsequent application will only need a small amount, a little goes a long way. 

2. Apply Armour Wheel Coating one wheel at a time. Apply using a methodical back and forth or crosshatch motion making sure to have even coverage. Allow the product to “set up” for 1-3minutes depending on temperature/humidity (generally 1-2 minutes). Look for light hazing to appear before removing.

3. In a small circular motion level coating 95%+ on 1st wipe (short nap, pearl weave), the first wipe will have a slight grab to it, but the product should be picked up easily. If the coating begins to smear, it needs additional time to setup. If the product is very hard to remove, it needs less time before removal. Switch to 2nd towel (plush) for final leveling. Check for any streaks, or high spots which can appear as cloudy or dark spots. Repeat this process per wheel.

4. Use a fresh side of the towel every wheel. 

We highly recommend applying 2 layers for maximum benefits and durability. If you wish to apply multiple layers allow 1-2 hours between layers.

After Care:

Allow product to sit 12 hours at minimum for initial cure. After 4 hours you can apply our Armour Detail Supply AMPLIFY or Ceramic Spray Sealant to protect the coating during its initial cure. After 12 hours the vehicle can be driven and get wet. Do not wash or induce to chemicals for 7 days.


Shake well.

Avoid applying in direct sunlight.

Wear skin protection.

Wear respiratory protection.

Wear eye protection.

Always test in small area before full application to determine flash time.

Applying in colder conditions will lengthen time frame before wipe-off (closer to 2-3 minutes). Applying in hotter conditions will give you a shorter time frame before you wipe-off (closer to 1-2 minutes).

Shelf life of 12 months, use within 30 days of opening.

x1 30 mL Wheel Coating
x1 CARPRO Applicator Block
x5 CARPRO Suede Applicators

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