Advanced Two Car Garage Lighting Solution

Advanced Two Car Garage Lighting Solution
Advanced Two Car Garage Lighting Solution
Advanced Two Car Garage Lighting Solution

Advanced Two Car Garage Lighting Solution

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As a continuation of the Advanced One Car Garage Lighting Solution, this Two Car Garage variant steps things up with double the lights and all the appropriate controls that you'll need. 5000K for the temperature is perfect for your two-car garage and will provide neutral white light for your projects and work. 90+ CRI means that paint colors will be reflected back to your eye accurately as nature intended.

The layout for this solution is two wide and three deep with the lights parallel to the garage door. You could also rotate the entire setup 90 degrees to run the lights front to back if you wanted. Each of the two lights in the three individual rows will be joined together at installation to create a single 16-foot-long linear section. Included are the Cree Lighting Through Wire Kit for each fixture to make wiring plug and play between the fixtures. The Lutron Pico Programmable Wireless Dimmer Switch will connect to the Lutron 8 Amp Powpak Dimming Module (Vive) and provide dimming control for all lights in unison. If you want to provide more granular zone control, either purchase one or two more PowPaks and Picos (and Wall Adapters) or purchase x3 of the Cree Lighting LS Series Package - Vive instead of this solution.

This solution doesn't include the ability to have app control without purchasing the Lutron Vive Hub. But if app control is what you're after, you should just get the Ultimate version of this solution with Lutron Radio Ra2 Select Control: Ultimate Two-Car Garage Lighting Solution.


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x6 - Cree Lighting LS Series Linear Light Fixtures - LS8-120L
x1 - Lutron 8 Amp Powpak Dimming Module (Vive)
x1 - Lutron Pico Programmable Wireless Dimmer Switch
x1 - Lutron Pico Wall Adapter
x1 - Lutron Claro Wall Plate
x6 - Cree Lighting Through Wire Package

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