Add Foam Block & Pressol Household 750ml
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One of my many sayings has always been, "Friends don't let friends have shiny tires."  If you agree with this very important philosophical stance, then you want PERL.

This is the original product that turned me onto CARPRO. PERL is not one of those remarkable products that blows your mind with some fancy science. It's a water based dressing and one that works really well.  

You can use this on any type of rubber, trim, engine bay, etc. It restores the the surface to a deep satin look and leaves UV protection.

Below are suggested dilutions:

Exterior plastics: 1:1 - 1:3

Engine Bay: 1:1 - 1:3

Tires & rubber: 1:1

Interior vinyl and leather: 1:5 

Bottle size is 1L.

x1 1 Liter bottle CARPRO PERL

x1 Adam's Foam Block Applicator
x1 Pressol Household 750ml Bottle

This item is shipped from our warehouse at OGHQ in Lady Lake, FL. This is a hazardous chemical & can only be shipped via Ground services & not by air! Shipping costs calculated at checkout.

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