Shop Clean Up Bundle

Shop Clean Up Bundle

Shop Clean Up Bundle

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If you're used to cleaning up spills, wiping down your cabinets, or cleaning up any type of mess in your garage or shop with typical shop towels, you know it takes a ton of pieces, usually still leaves a film behind, and is overall messy. 

This Shop Clean Up Bundle comes with our All Purpose Microfiber Roll, making cleanup super easy. These towels are super absorbent, very soft, and cost-effective. Because they are microfiber, they are able to clean up messes much better than your typical shop towel. Pair this towel with some Koch-Chemie Green Star, and you will have an awesome all-around clean-up combo. This bundle comes with a Pressol so you can dilute the KCx Gs to the strength you need.

What You Get

Product QTY
All Purpose Microfiber Roll 1
1L Koch Chemie Green Star 1
750mL Pressol Household Sprayer 1
750mL Pressol Household Label 1
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