Kranzle K1622TS Pressure Washer

SKU: KZ-98K1622TS
Kranzle K1622TS Pressure Washer
Kranzle K1622TS Pressure Washer
Kranzle K1622TS Pressure Washer
Kranzle K1622TS
Kranzle K1622TS Pressure Washer
Kranzle K1622TS Pressure Washer
Kranzle K1622TS Pressure Washer
K1622TS Pressure Washer
Kranzle K1622TS Pressure Washer
Kranzle K1622TS Pressure Washer
Kranzle K1622TS Pressure Washer
Kranzle K1622TS Pressure Washer
Kranzle K1622TS Pressure Washer

Kranzle K1622TS Pressure Washer

SKU: KZ-98K1622TS
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I started the search for a wall-mountable pressure washing solution years ago when I built the wash bay at my house. I headed down a rabbit hole that kept leading me down dead ends. Too much noise, not enough flow, fit/finish/quality concerns, are all issues I encountered. That is the reason I ended up deciding to take a gamble on the Kranzle K165STS that I had in my wash bay.

It certainly is great at 2800PSI and 2.8 GPM and looks absolutely fantastic. The cons: it's loud, cycles for 30 seconds before turning off, and weighs 180lbs. Oh...another small was $4500 and they no longer make it!

What I really wanted for all of us is a small, compact pump that I could put on a shelf that looks and works like the Kranzle K1122TST. That is the main component of my Obsessed Garage Complete Pressure Washing Solution.

There are significant advantages to having that cart model, but what if you wanted to mount it on the wall with permanent plumbing, and a hose reel?

After the massive success I had with the Kranzle K1122 package and my need for another wall-mounted solution for OGHQ, I decided to design a less costly, more efficient wall-mounted solution. I bought a K1622 (non-TS version) that was currently available. It is a 1600 PSI, 1.7GPM ran continuously.

It didn’t have the "Total Stop" function the K1122TST has. It just wasn't good enough for our application. Although the pump can run for hours in bypass mode, I think we want the pressure switch that would make this pump function better for car washing. 

At the time, the K1622 did not have a total stop feature but now this K1622TS model comes with total stop!

If you want something with more pressure, a stock OE sprayer, and a wand, but less flow, this machine is a winner. And it will still beat the pants off of most pressure washers available at a similar or lower price. 


Kranzle K1622TS
- Measured Flow: 1.6 GPM
- Measured Pressure: 1450 PSI
- Measured Current: 14.8 A with OE Accessories
- 3 Piston Wobble Plate Pump
- Self-Priming
- Auto-start/stop
- 35’ Power Cord with GFCI
- Electrical Requirements: 110 V, 15 A 
- Inlet: ¾” Female GHT
- Outlet: M22 Male (14mm)
- Dimensions: 18.75” W x 7” D x 12.5” H
- Weight: 43 LBS

Warranty Information
Kranzle offers a 1-year warranty for commercial use and 2 years for home use. Info about their warranty can be found HERE. If you ever have a problem with your machine, reach out to us. Before you send us an email, try to work through the issues yourself in our FAQ and Support tab. Sometimes it’s a simple fix if you’re having trouble. 

FAQ & Support

User Manual
Kranzle K1622TS Operating manual with spare parts list

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Kranzle K1622TS
A great pressure washer for those who don’t have access to a 20 A circuit and/or want a pressure washer that can do more pressure than the K1322TS.
- K1622TS Pressure Washer
- OE Sprayer
- OE Wand with Vario-Jet Nozzle
- 33’ High-Pressure Hose

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