Fabric and Carpet Care Kit

Fabric and Carpet Care Kit
Fabric and Carpet Care Kit

Fabric and Carpet Care Kit

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 Used for Carpets, Cloth Seats, & Alcantara 

I see a ton of people on YouTube showing you how to use an extractor to remove all the dirt from your interior’s fabric, and that’s fine if your interior is stained deeply or looks like complete crap. I have no use for that because I don’t eat burgers and drink soda in my car. However, I like the idea of refreshing my carpets and fabric in my car occasionally, which is why we offer this Fabric and Carpet Care Kit.

If you have light stains on your carpet or fabric, a product like Griot's Interior Cleaner will do a solid job getting it out. It works great for deep cleaning. Using the Colourlock Cleaning Brush in this kit with the Interior cleaner works magic. You’d just spritz some of the product on the dirty area, lightly scrub in circular motions, and wipe off using an interior towel that’s included.

You also get Sonax Alcantara & Upholstery Cleaner and Koch-Chemie Fu (Fresh Up). I’ve used Sonax for years, and it works perfectly for Alcantara. It can restore dirty and matted Alcantara by returning it to its original vibrant color and soft, suede feel. Fu is a great product to use to eliminate odor. Not to be confused with the Bliss and Eden that’s designed to give the inside of your car a pleasant smelling scent; Fu is what you’d used to do the heavy lifting of funk. It also smells good, like fresh laundry. 

We’ve assembled a great collection of fabric and carpet cleaning products here I think you will enjoy.

x1 Griot's Garage Interior Cleaner (35oz)
x1 Koch-Chemie Fu (Fresh Up) (1L)
x1 Sonax Alcantara & Upholstery Cleaner (250mL)
x1 Colourlock Cleaning Brush
x10 Interior Towels

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