Colourlock Steering Wheel Repair Kit

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Colourlock Steering Wheel Repair Kit
Colourlock Steering Wheel Repair Kit
Colourlock Steering Wheel Repair Kit

Colourlock Steering Wheel Repair Kit

SKU: CL-850729-en
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The folks at Colourlock understand leather. I refuse to use anything else on leather in my vehicles, and the Colourlock Steering Wheel Repair Kit is no different. Now, I don't use my cars very much, but for those of you who commute every day, you'll eventually notice some damage or fading to the color of your steering wheel. 

That's where this kit comes in. It comes with everything you need to restore and protect your steering wheel for years to come. The only thing you should add is the Colourlock Cleaning Brush in case you need a little more cleaning power, or you have a tricky steering wheel.

This kit will only work if you have a black leather steering wheel because of the leather dye that comes in the box. If your steering wheel is not black leather, you don't want this kit. 

The team over at Colourlock made a video showing you how to use this kit. Though they did it in one go, you'll definitely want to set aside a day or two to make sure everything cures well.


  1. Mask off anything you don't want dye on
  2. Clean the leather with Mild Leather Cleaner and a sponge or brush
  3. Degrease leather with included Degreaser and cloth
  4. Lightly sand down rough spots, scratches, or abrasions in the leather
  5. Dab on the dye, let it dry, and reapply as necessary. Let sit for 24 hours after the application
  6. (Optional) If you have a seriously old steering wheel like on a classic car, or you desire a natural shine, apply the Elephant Leather Preserver to the wheel, then let it sit for 24 hours
  7. Dab Leather Shield over the wheel to protect from dirt and abrasion.

x1 - Steering Wheel Kit

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