Ultimate Lighting Solution

SKU: DS110001
Ultimate Lighting Solution
Ultimate Lighting Solution
Ultimate Lighting Solution

Ultimate Lighting Solution

SKU: DS110001
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The Ultimate Lighting Solution is the complete solution you need for all of your close-lighting scenarios. Between the Fenix, Milwaukee, and ScanGrip lights in this solution, you should have a light for every situation. The Cree lighting in my garage takes care of the overall lighting, but sometimes, I need something smaller and more direct. These lights are perfect for helping you polish your paint, work on small projects around the garage, or keep in your glove box in case of an emergency.

Here is how I typically use these lights. The Milwaukee light and the ScanGrip lights that have "Match" in the name (SunMatch, MultiMatch, etc.) I use for paint correction. These have really high CRI LED bulbs to provide the most color-accurate light available. This helps me see any hidden scratches in my paint that lower CRI bulbs might hide. The rest of the lights are solid, general-purpose work lights. Even though the CRI isn't as high as the paint-correcting lights, don't think they are janky. Most of the lights in this package are battery-operated so you can place them where you need them. Every light in this solution is built to last.

I have taken out all of the guesswork for you to get all of the handheld lights you would ever need for your garage. Take advantage of my passion and save yourself time and money by purchasing the Ultimate Lighting Solution.

x2 - Fenix 3500mAh 18650 Li-ion Battery
x1 - Fenix ARE-A2 Two Bay Smart Battery Charger
x1 - Fenix PD35 V3
x1 - Milwaukee Detailing Light w/ Battery
x1 - Milwaukee M12™ REDLITHIUM™ CP3.0 Battery
x1 - ScanGrip Dual Bracket
x1 - ScanGrip I-MATCH 3
x1 - ScanGrip Line Light Bonnet C+R
x1 - ScanGrip Line Light C+R
x1 - ScanGrip Mag Pro
x1 - ScanGrip Match Pen R
x1 - ScanGrip Mini Mag Pro
x1 - ScanGrip MiniMatch
x1 - Scangrip Multimatch 3 Connect
x1 - Scangrip Power Supply Connect
x1 - ScanGrip MultiMatch R
x1 - ScanGrip SunMatch 4
x1 - ScanGrip Tripod

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