Vyper Chair Low Pro

Vyper Chair Low Pro
Vyper Chair Low Pro
Vyper Chair Low Pro
Vyper Chair Low Pro

Vyper Chair Low Pro

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The Best Detailing Chair

I’m really impressed with Vyper Industrial’s innovation. I love how they’re listening to the car detailing community and designing these fantastic chairs for us. Alex (from Vyper) dropped by my home garage with this Low-Pro chair and began showing me how it works, and as he was talking, I’m thinking to myself, this thing is freaking great. 

The first thing you’ll probably notice is the price point. This was designed for people who want something a little bit more approachable. Vyper made this an entry-level product for those who want to experience the quality of their chairs without breaking the bank. I get that not everyone is willing to pay premium dollars for our high-end OG Vyper Chair or even the Robust Steel Pro chair, but if you are, they are both legit. 

Another thing you’ll notice with this chair is it doesn’t have a ring around the base. The feedback Vyper got from some customers was it was getting in the way. Now, we have a flush front chair with no impedance. Honestly, I don’t have a problem with the ring, but this solves that problem for people who do. 

This chair has a built-in tool tray with a removable seat. I do like the removable seat. It allows you to transition from a stool to a kneeling pad, and there’s plenty of storage space on the tray for your polishing and detailing products.  

Alex did mention to me that Vyper has plans to add a backrest to this chair sometime in the future, which will make it even more awesome. 

If you’re looking to level up from your current stool or jank chair, this is a solid choice.


  • Detachable seat: Quickly transition from stool to kneeling pad in seconds to reduce aches and pains when working in low settings. Easily attach the seat back to the base when done.
  • Narrow base: Ergonomic low profile design allows you to get the job done even in the tightest of spaces also making it easy to store away.
  • Wide seat: Extra wide cushion for long-lasting comfort, designed to vastly reduce the stress placed on your body while on the job. Perfect size for all shapes and sizes.
  • Roll-over casters: Roll over any surface without tipping with our 4" industrial-grade casters.
  • Plenty of storage: Large, easily accessible built-in tool tray provides generous storage for all your tools.
  • Made in the USA.

What You Get

x1 Vyper Chair Low-Pro
- Detachable seat
- Roll-over casters
- Tool tray

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