The Best Car Window Cleaner For A Streak Free Finish

Cleaning Car Windshield with Stoner's Invisible Glass

I catch myself liking products that have been hanging around my house or garage for a while. They’re usually sent to me from a vendor, or someone suggested it to us in our Facebook group, and one of the guys here at OG orders it. Invisible Glass is one of those products I didn’t pay much attention to until I realized I wanted an auto glass cleaner in the store’s catalog. I’m glad I decided to go with this brand because it’s easily the best car window cleaner I’ve used and the best house cleaning product for windows, countertops, etc.

Why I Chose Invisible Glass As My Car Window Cleaner

Before using this stuff, I used Griot’s window cleaner as my go-to glass cleaning solution. I liked using it, but they wanted me to carry their entire line of products, and that’s not what I wanted to do. If you’re new here, then you’re probably not familiar with the Obsessed Garage business model - we (I) curate products. I don’t want to be categorized as a retailer; I’m a curator. I want to offer the best product companies have to offer. If company A has the best leather cleaner, I want it; if company B offers the best wheel cleaner, I want it. Most of the time, these companies won’t have the best of everything, and that’s where I come in to find, vet, and offer the best of the best.  

Invisible Glass was one of those products I always used but never thought to add to my car detailing process. It wasn’t until one day when I was at my home garage cleaning my car’s interior and didn’t have anymore Griot’s left, that I went into the house and grabbed Invisible Glass off the kitchen counter. After a few spritzes on the windshield and wiping it off, I said, “this stuff is great; why the heck haven’t I been using it?”

Invisible Glass is a far superior auto glass cleaner than other window cleaning products because it has no:

  • Soaps. Having soap in a glass class cleaner will leave behind a film that will inevitably cause streaks. The Stoner brand developed a blend of water-soluble cleaners that evaporate completely.  
  • Scents. I’m not a fan of scented car detailing products; although I carry a few in my store, like our in-house tire dressing that has a fruit slice scent, I generally like to stay away from scented products. Scents stain my bottles, which I hate. Many brands contain synthetic fragrances, fumes, and ammonia - Invisible Glass doesn’t. Keeping fancy smells out of it contributes to its streak-free capabilities. 
  • Dyes. Many companies use dyes and colors to make their products stand out on shelves; Invisible Glass is a simple product that has none of this junk in it. When you’re talking about a pure glass cleaner, this stuff is it, and it’s legit.   
  • Residues. Residue clings to glass surfaces forming streaks and attracts dust. The countless times I’ve used this stuff on glass and other surfaces, I have not experienced any leftover residue. 
  • Streaks. The biggest selling point of this product is that it’s streak free. I’ve used it on my vehicle's interior and exterior, and I haven’t witnessed any streaking in both applications.

  • The kind of products I like are products that just work. Products that aren’t full of a bunch of mumbo jumbo but are easy to use and do the job they were designed to do.  

    How I Use Invisible Glass To Clean My Windows

    Using this stuff isn’t rocket science; I just want to show you my methods when using it. I’ll start with the exterior glass. 

    Supplies you’ll need:

    My windows are never super dirty, so it’s just a maintenance clean whenever I clean them. If you have super dirty windows, you can use a product like Angelwax Vision, which is more of an aggressive cleaner. It compliments Invisible Glass, which is why I like having them both. You can think of Vision as your compound cleaner, while Invisible Glass would be your polish. 

    Steps for exterior glass:

    1. Saturate the surface. I’ll start with the windshield by spraying a liberal amount of cleaner on it. 
    2. Get the heavy stuff off. I’ll take one of the waffle weave glass cleaning towels and get the bulk of the dirt off first. The first towel would be your sacrificial towel because it’s getting all the initial funky stuff off. 
    3. Follow up and clean. I’ll then take my second towel and buff off what the first towel leftover from wiping.    

    When drying my car, I use a drying aid on my exterior windows instead of Invisible Glass. I know some people will use glass cleaner on their exterior windows in between car washes to get any built-up gunk off. My primary usage for it is my interior glass.

    Steps for interior glass:

    1. Start with the windshield. Like I did with the exterior part of the windshield, I’m going to saturate the inside of it with Invisible Glass. If this is a time where I’m cleaning my entire interior (dashboard, seats, carpet), I’m going to start with my windows, so I don’t have any overspray. I’ll also hit my rearview mirror, speedometer, and entertainment glass.
    2. Grab a waffle weave and clean. I’ll take a fresh waffle weave towel and do my initial wipe-down. I usually get aggressive, so put some back into it when doing this first wipe. 
    3. Use the most amazing glass cleaning tool ever. Stoner’s Reach & Clean Tool is functionally perfect. I love this freaking thing. When I first got it, I wasn’t sure if I would like it because it looked like a product you’d see on “As Seen On TV.” After using it a few times, I knew it was perfect for getting those hard-to-reach places in the car (front windshield and rear window). You can get in between the pillars of your front and rear windows while simultaneously getting off any excess solution.
    4. Tackle the other windows. After completing the windshield, I’ll move onto the driver-side and passenger-side windows (front and back) and clean those. You’ll see some car detailing YouTubers showing you the proper way to clean a window; just clean them. Spray, wipe, done. Don’t overcomplicate this process. 

    If you find yourself needing a more aggressive glass cleaner, I would try something like Angelwax Vision. Let me forewarn you, do NOT sniff this stuff. I may have shaved a few years off my life sniffing it. I like to use this with Invisible Glass to get any junk that won’t come off with Invisible Glass alone. I don’t know what magic they put in this stuff, but it wipes off with much less work than any glass cleaner I’ve used. 

    Stoner's Invisible Glass Cleaner

    My Overall Thoughts 

    If you’re looking for a streak-free, scent-free, tint-safe glass cleaner that works well as a general-purpose cleaner, this is it. I’m not a big interior cleaning guy, but a car isn’t completely clean unless both the exterior and interior have been dialed in. 

    Be sure to check out my deep dive into glass cleaning, where I demonstrate how I use this stuff.