Comet Static 1700 Extra: PRE-ORDER


02/26/2019:  As far as I've been told, we are now sold out of Comets in North America.  I have a boatload more on order, but I'm unsure when they will be available.  My best guess will be around the beginning of April.  I'll be sure to update it here as I have more info.  I'm going to continue taking pre-orders to lock down your spot.  My guess is these are going to be hard to get for a while.  

I've been chasing this one since the beginning.  I was hoping to find a mid-tier/cost solution that would be reliable and provide us adequate flow.  Now this is drawn from my experience and is a preference, but I would much rather have more flow than pressure for washing a car.  The target is as much flow as possible around at around 1000 PSI.  Now don't get too hung up on the pressure number.  I know we have been conditioned to think we are getting 2,000 or 3,000 PSI out of pressure washers, but that is not what I measure in real world testing.  1,000 PSI is more than enough to blast the mud off your Jeep, or get the salt out of your wheel wells.  Trust me on this one, flow(GPM) is king in the car washing game.  For example, my $4,500 Kranzle in my wash bay is providing me 950 measured PSI with a 6.0 sized nozzle at 2.8 GPM.  So...

This Comet has a few quirks, but we can easily overcome them with some fittings and accessories.  The key is the output.  I measured 975 PSI at 1.90 GPM with a 4.0 nozzle, which is darn near perfect for washing a car.

***Note the warranty on these is 1 Year Parts and Labor.  What won't be covered is shipping back to their service center in MN.  You need to know this going into a Comet purchase.***


  • Rated at 2.11 GPM
  • Rated at 1450 PSI Max 
  • (These are the specs to compare to others, but they mean nothing in the real world.)
  • 48.5 LB is the shipping weight.
  • Hose: 70'
  • Max Water Temperature Passable:  145 Degrees

Warranty is 12 Months, but it is loose on what it covers.  I guess we'll cross that bridge if we get there.

 Box Contains a bunch of stuff, but here is what matters:

  • I'm Supplying a 1/4 BSPM to 3/8" NPTM.  That allows you to connect a 3/8" NPTF Coupler.  That is not supplied.
  • Comet Gun/Wands (I would suggest we replace these just like the Kranzle)
  • Supplied Wall Mount Bracket
  • A Bunch of other junk that you shouldn't care about that you'll never use.

You'll want to dig into the main Comet page here on my site to see some of the accessories I recommend. 

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